How to get out of swaddling my baby...

by Julia

Question: I've been swaddling my baby with arms in since he was born. He will soon be 4 months old and is almost rolling over. I want to have him sleeping in a sleep sac before he can roll over. I've tried one arm in and one arm out, tried both arms out, bought a sleep sack that enables you to swaddle the arms.

The problem I run into is that my baby rubs his eyes so much it wakes him when his arms are out. I know this is a sign he's tired, but I've tried getting him down earlier and this doesn't work either.

He also needs to be rocked/ walked to sleep, which seems to be taking longer to do now (20-60 minutes). When swaddled and asleep he usually sleeps between 4-7hrs, wakes for a feeding then asleep for another couple of hours...

I just don't want to have rock/walk baby to sleep each night and the unswaddling thing isn't working... Please help!

Heidi's Answer: Hi Julia, The swaddling seems to have been going very well for you, well done. And the sleeping bag with arm swaddle is a good idea. And I do understand that you don't want to keep rocking and walking him to sleep for ever.

But for now, why not give your son a little more time. 4 months is an age where a lot happens in baby's life, both physically and mentally, so if you can keep him sleeping well through that thanks to some swaddling and rocking, that's OK.

Keep him swaddled for now, relax about it for a week or two. Then try again by gently loosening one arm a little. It might be a whole different story already. Or not, then give it a bit more time again.

To help wean from the rocking and walking to sleep, you can start working with the gentle self soothing method.

Good luck,
Take care,

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