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How can I help?

Can't easily find what you need? Tell me a little bit about what's happening sleep wise with your baby or toddler, and I'll get back to you, personally.

Just message me on facebook or email me.

I reply to every message, and as soon as humanly possible, but because I receive a lot of messages, please bear with me until I get to yours! If you've e-mailed me and not received a response within couple of days, remember to check your spam folder.


about Heidi Holvoet

Hi, I'm Heidi

Welcome to Baby-Sleep-Advice.com!

This is where I share all I know to help you and your little loved ones sleep more, and better. As a baby & toddler sleep consultant I'm passionate about helping you discover exactly what your baby needs right now and to show you gentle ways - no tears - that make it doable for you and your baby to see real results.

I don't sleep until your baby does ... ;)

You'll find articles on every single sleep topic that matters, as well as free downloads, e-books and access to 1-to-1 support from me to help you out. Feel free to read a bit more about me on the about me page and about my journey in my story. Never hesitate to contact me if you need help!