Co-sleeping while awaiting more independent sleep: Anna-Raven (2,5 years) en Mirthe (7 months)

Anna-Raven and Mirthe’s mom patiently guides the girls towards more sleep by helping them settle and having them sleep close to her. She also has a great tip on falling asleep while breastfeeding.

About my children

Anna-Raven is quiet, affectionate, thinker, climber, sensitive. Mirthe is cheerful, early bird, affectionate, sensitive

About crying before sleep

Preferably not, but I do Mirthe sometimes there’s no avoiding letting her cry for a few minutes, but never longer than 10 minutes and usually only 5.

Our golden tip?

Anna Raven slept in our bed for more than a year, and until she was almost 2 in her own bed beside me and often also with us. She always fell asleep in our arms.

Mirthe so far falls asleep on my belly or my chest.

Our baby sleep experience so far

Mirthe sleeping in my bed, but is more awake than I care to. Usually once late at night and twice during the night.

Things are not as I’d want them right now. I would like them to fall asleep independently, without crying and that they wake up at night less frequently.

I would also like Mirthe to have longer naps during the day. Naps are often really short and I notice that they usually leave her a bit cranky.

She is much happier on days when she takes better naps

My best practical tip:

At night, Mirthe would prefer to sleep with my nipple in her mouth and she protests as soon as I try to take her off. I’ve now learned to gently disconnect (releasing the pressure by gently squeezing my finger in). At the same time I tip her chin upwards to close her mouth. And she’s off to sleep straight away!

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