Silja's Sleep Diary: fourteen weeks old

Written by Taru, Silja's mom

Fourteen weeks old now and Silja becomes quite dependent on taking regular naps: she's happy when she can have them, not happy otherwise. The little lady also goes baby swimming ...

Regular naps for a happy baby

I have to finish this fourteen weeks old diary entry quickly (not easy: I only have one hand to type with, the other one is holding Silja as she feeds): Silja is really not happy today.

The reason is that she hasn't had a proper morning nap today, she is really cranky and just wants to feed. It seems to me she's becoming increasingly dependent on regular nap times, and there's hell to pay if she doesn't get a good one ...

Yesterday morning was good, she was up at around 6am, slept a bit around 9am, and had a good long nap from 10.30am until 1pm. In the afternoon she normally naps a bit around 3pm when I pick up my big kids from school.

But, yesterday they had after-school clubs and I picked up an hour later. I didn't think she would have noticed, but the difference was apparently enough to upset her and she didn't sleep a wink. The rest of the afternoon didn't go particularly well for anyone.

The best days have been those when we've been able to walk to school and she gets a good couple of hours undisturbed sleep in her pram both in the mornings and afternoons.

Unfortunately those days have been very rare, because of the weather, hectic mornings and all sorts of after-school clubs and play dates.

Weekends have been wonderful, because if the rest of the family is not up early, Silja will also go back to sleep for a couple more hours after her 6am breakfast.

On weekdays there's so much going on from 6.30am latest that she'll want to join the fun.

Relaxed baby swimming

Another great day was the one I took her swimming for the first time. She looked a bit suspicious at first but ended up enjoying it, and it knocked her out for hours afterwards.

We used to go to a special baby swimming class with my son and found it extremely stressful, with all the other stressed-out parents and screaming babies in the crowded changing rooms. Now I just took Silja to the lovely, warm kids pool at my gym one morning, and we had the place to ourselves. Maybe not as educational but immensely more enjoyable.
I think that's it for the fourteen weeks old report: Silja is suddenly looking very inwardly focused. Nappy change in about 20 seconds ...

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