Gentle sleep guidance: Melle (9 months)

by Eline

Melle is a quiet child, he can concentrate well and quietly play with one toy for half an hour. He is mostly happy and very communicative. His verbal skills and fine motor skills are developing quite fast, gross motor skills a bit slower (just starting to crawl).

Melle sleeps with us and breastfeeds for food and comfort on request. We do not let him cry.

During the day, Melle sleeps under a blanket in our bed. I breastfeed him until he falls asleep and then I sneak away. He also sleeps in the baby sling or in the stroller.

At night he sleeps in the Combi Sleeper <*tip* for co-sleepers: it is safe, warm and easy to move around on top of our blankets>

He feeds at night, usually around 3am. When he’s had a tiring day or something is going on like teething, then he wakes more often. There are nights when he will wake every single hour, needing some comforting.

In any case, until he is one year old, I will go along with this. <*tip* do not waste energy on tiring sleep train methods and things your baby ‘should’ really do like sleeping through: just relax and take your child with you, make it as easy as possible, relax ...>

Sometimes I’m quite annoyed of course after a tiring night, but I sincerely believe that he is not ready to cope at night all by himself, and am glad I am there for him.

We like The Baby Book by William Sears, Little Brown and Company, ISBN 0316778001

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Thanks for your tips!
by: Heidi (

Thank you very much for your story Eline. It is interesting to learn how you accept that Melle needs your presence and comfort during the night. And how accepting that, helps you relax too. Melle, and his sleeping, can only benefit from that!

Thanks for your helpful tips!

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