Isolde's 9th and 10th month

No idea what triggered it this time but – fingers crossed – we’ve been enjoying relatively quiet nights lately. Isolde only wakes up from time to time, not often, and after a bottle she’ll doze off again between Tom and me. For nap time I’ve become slightly ‘stricter’: I put her down and leave the room, with her wide awake. She’s not always too happy about that, but it never takes long before sleep wins.

So far for the good news. The start of winter time – yesss, one extra hour sleep for free! - throws a spanner in the works once again. If only our children could tell time, and weren’t such early birds… Both Isolde’s sleeping and eating patterns are all mixed up.

On top of that she gets struck by a massive cold and has so much trouble breathing. Plenty of remedies available for runny noses and little coughs, but when a full-blown cold hits a tiny baby, I always feel at a loss and wish I could take it over from her. I’m not the kind of person who’ll take or administer medication for every little ache, but I know how miserable a cold can make you, and I give Isolde a paracetamol before bedtime. She’ll at least have a decent night’s sleep that way. At her nine month next check-up, we find out Isolde’s lost weight and has hardly grown: small wonder…

Also – it had to happen some time – in two weeks’ time, I’ll be a fulltime working mother again. I won’t lie, the emotions are mixed, although more positive than I had anticipated. My head is filled with ideas for projects. It’s a thrilling mix of nerves and excitement about this new chapter I’m about to embark on. To get myself organized, I’ve asked my mother-in-law to come and babysit Isolde for a day. She happily obliges, and even irons away the mountain of clothes I had been cramming into an undersized hamper: best mom-in-law ever!

Isolde’s daycare mother Ann, too, is looking forward to the new addition to her “family”, and I’m relieved to know I can hand Isolde over to her with my eyes closed. We go back over 7 years now, so we know each other well. When I go to pick Isolde up from a ‘try-out’ day at Ann’s, I’m not surprised to hear that everything went just fine: Isolde slept easily, ate well, and played all she could: best daycare mom ever!

And there it is, my first day at work. It’s unbelievable how easily a ton of worries can vanish into thin air, after as little as, say, 3 minutes. Hardly had I stepped into my classroom, or it felt as if I had never been gone. Just as well.

Sadly, Isolde doesn’t seem to get rid of that cold entirely. I get a call from Ann: Isolde’s got a fever. It’s a bad ear infection topped off with a nasty cough :-( . No need to mention that this afffects her nights as well. Although when it comes to sleeping at night, Tom and I have entered a state of acceptance, really: we embrace every uninterrupted night, but don’t hope for them anymore. It seems to be working for us that way.

Luckily, Isolde remains the cheerful girl she’s always been, and at ten months, finally, she’s getting ready to crawl!

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