On to longer nights: Jamie (2) and Alicia (7 m)

Brother and sister sleeping ...

Brother and sister sleeping ...

As I write this, my son Jamie is 2 years old and my daughter Alicia is a 7 month old baby. We are on the lookout for them to soothe themselves at night and to sleep through the night.

About my kids: Jamie is quite a sensitive child, usually rather calm. He doesn’t like busy environments. Also he is very attached to us.

Alicia is a very happy little baby. Quite attached to us as well, she is a this time she is rather unsociable with others and has some separation anxiety.

About crying: I prefer not to have them cry when to go to sleep.

My best advice, that is, what works for us with Jamie: the right bedtime, breastfeeding at night and have him sleep in our bed. Also his favourite bedtime song (Treintje naar dromenland) is a great help.

Our sleep story is still developing: I would like to see that Jamie does not need to come to our bed when he wakes up at night, which he still often does. He is a very sensitive boy and he processes a lot during the night.

For Alicia, apart from breastfeeding and taking her in our bed, I am still figuring out how to help her sleeping.

I would like her to learn how soothe herself to sleep, that she takes regular naps during the day. Also I would like to reduce the amount of feedings during the night – and in the evening!

I’ve read these books (in Dutch):

* Slaapt je kindje al - Andrea Schmidt Forth ISBN 9789027475008 (original version in German ISBN 9783629002761)
* Slaap, het geheim van probleemloze nachten - Hollyer en Smith ISBN 9789062558056 (original version in English 9780706375046

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