Regular bedtimes and relaxed co-sleeping: Robin (11 months)

by Marleen

Robin is an affectionate boy, wonderfully playful, and veeeery mommy-crazy (including breasts ;-)). Relaxed co-sleeping and regular bedtimes work quite well for him.

Our sleep experience

Until 7 months old, Robin slept very poorly during the day. Sometimes only half an hour, sometimes 6 times half an hour, sometimes 2 hours twice ... very unpredictable.

What did help was regular bedtimes. Robin always falls asleep while nursing (now 11 months old). He now takes quite regular naps, usually about 1-1,5 hours, twice daily.

Sleeping through the night is still not quite successful.

I've never let Robin cry, so I also don’t when he goes to sleep. I always nursed him when he woke up, or later on I tried to soothe him without nursing. Then I’d carry him around through the room, softly singing and talking to soothe him until he slept on peacefully.

I must admit that after a while, 3-4 times per night or more often, this became quite tiring and more and more often, Robin ended up in our bed. Now he’s even in our bed from the beginning of the night ...!

My best tips?
Certainly not too late to bed. Robin becomes totally hyper when he’s overtired and then it takes at least an hour to calm him down and get him to relax again.

Also, taking him into our own bed is a great help – in a safe way of course – it helps you sleep well yourself and a relaxed and fit mom is worth ten moms!

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