Sleeping through at almost 1 year old? ... Isolde's eleventh and twelfth month

Wow, she's got so much hair!

Yeah, we were surprised too.

And, when in unknown company, following sometimes: "Is the father from a different country than yours?"

No, actually.

"She looks a bit like you."

Ok, after six years of hearing: "I definitely see Toms features in her", and even "she's her dad's copy", I'll accept that compliment without retorting that it's really only my nose she's inherited ...

Set aside the usual smalltalk of does she sleep/eat/drink well?, above are the conversations I've had on a very regular basis in the past year. And as I'm writing my last report for Isolde's sleep diary, so many memories come flooding back.

One very strong one, obviously, is her birth. Ask any mother, they'll all agree that their child's first birthday is the most emotional one. At this time last year the first contractions had started.

For example, I have very vivid recollections of me roaring for the whole ward to hear: Someone come and help me NOW and I started pushing without so much as a midwife or doctor in sight, poor Tom standing next to me, supporting my right arm. (I can see the humour in the situation now, but I couldn't at the time.) Only a few minutes later, Isolde had quietly entered the world (probably compensating for her loud mother), and I was already apologising for screaming so.

The memory list is endless and I'm glad I got the opportunity to write so many of them down for this diary.

But anyway, back to the here and now, more precisely during the night :-)

Lately, Isolde has been leaving most of her last bottle undrunk. If she wasn't actually hungry, I wouldn't mind, but I'm pretty sure that she is.

And the last thing I want is to reinstall night feeds, unless they're absolutely necessary. What to do? By accident really, one night I discover the solution: in the quiet and the dark of our bedroom she drinks her milk until the last drop.

But we're not there yet.

Isolde still wakes up sometimes and seems to be starving when we offer her the bottle. We do try to get her to eat more during the day, but not very successfully. Maybe if she had teeth it would be different?

Luckily, the Christmas holidays have begun.

Apart from attending the usual family gatherings for Christmas and New Years's parties, for us that means: sleeping in, hanging around in pj's till noon, watching the countless seasons movies on tv, playing board games with Daphne and Alexander, baking cookies, in other words: no pressure.

Whatever sleep we miss out on during the night, we make up for the next day. Isolde seems to enjoy this temporary rhythm: on New Years Day - what a present for us! - she reaches the long expected milestone: she crawls! Not much longer she starts pulling herself up onto her knees, and later standing on her feet. So there it is, goodbye baby Isolde, hello little toddler girl ... It was bound to happen ;-)

Time to plan a birthday party!

I've made a tarte tatin (upside down apple pie) and raspberry bavarois: mmm! Everyone important to Isolde is here to celebrate: grandparents, godmother and godfather, with lots of presents. Isolde is a bit overwhelmed at first - she probably wont sleep very well tonight, but right now, who cares? - its a wonderful afternoon.

The perfect ending to a perfect first year.

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