The benefits of a baby sleep schedule: Rob (5 months)

Rob is now five months old and sleeps very well and easily for his age. A regular sleep schedule and a successful bedtime routine, combined with a relaxed mom, are perfect for him.

Rob is a fairly quiet, and very happy baby, he is also very mobile

Our baby sleep ‘method’: a regular sleep schedule and a ritual/bedtime routine

At night, since Rob was about 6 weeks old, we have a fixed 'bedtime'. Rob goes to bed between 6.30pm and 7.30pm when he is tired (usually before 7.00pm).

Then I put him into his pyjamas and (recently) a sleeping bag and put him in his cot.

While I do, I talk calmly to him (he is going to have a good sleep etc.) and / or sing a lullaby.

When he’s all tucked in, I close the blinds and curtains and give him a kiss.

If he is quiet, I leave the room and get away and then turn down the lights. If he cries a bit then I stay in his room for a bit, move some things about and then leave the room. 9 out of 10 times this works well. He now sleeps through the night almost every night.

Also during the day, Rob goes to bed when he is tired and then he sleeps.

The way I deal with crying depends on what sort of crying it is: sometimes I put Rob in bed because he's tired (yawn, rubbing his eyes) and then he cries anyway. I’ll let him cry for a little while; he usually sleeps within lees than 5 minutes.

If he keeps crying, then he quickly becomes upset. Then I just go to him and offer a breast. If I put him back in his bed after that, it is usually good.

So sleeping is actually going quite smoothly. Maybe I just have a very easy baby, or it may come from the regularity and peace that we have introduced. I also think my flexible schedule really helps.

I am a stay at home mom and so I do not have fixed times to go to work or get Rob to day care. When I go out, I do so if Rob is awake or if he should sleep then sleeping in the stroller or car is fine also.

Have I had help from one or more books or links?

No, I just followed my own feelings. But I believe that some regularity is important for a child. For feeding I do not impose strict times but largely it is always comes down to more or less the same rhythm.

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by: Heidi (

Thank you very much for your story.

In these hushed and busy times, it is often easily forgotton how important rest and regularity can be for a child.

It is great to read how well Rob is doing on the peaceful and gentle environment you offer him. Best wishes!

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