Week 2 - In all a quiet week with our newborn baby

by Veerle

Discovering her beautiful eyes ...

Discovering her beautiful eyes ...

God, we’re tired… Nothing out of the ordinary with a newborn in the house, but there’s an enormous difference between knowing and experiencing… The funny thing is, though, that considering this, we still seem to get through the day rather well. I go for walks with Isolde in the pram, and in the weekend we even feel up to a small family outing.

During the day, when she’s not drinking – on average 8 or 9 times – Isolde sleeps. I do my best to nap along with her, more than I did when her sister Daphne and brother Alexander were babies: you live, you learn… My short naps often really make the difference.

Overall, Isolde is a quiet baby, and when she does cry, it’s not too hard to figure out why. All babies, however, have their difficult moments and our little treasure has hers between 3 and 6 a.m. It all starts right after her second nighttime feed: an unlucky combination of cramps, burps that refuse to come up, the hiccups, drinking, then cramps again and so on. This keeps us all awake at the most exhausting time of night. Even with us turning in along with her right after the last evening feeding, it’s draining away our energy.

The last two nights of this week have been slightly better, as we have given up endlessly trying to get Isolde back in her cradle after drinking: when it doesn’t work, we let her fall asleep on Tom’s chest and then, once she’s fast asleep, he moves her to the cot very gently. Works like a charm! And we feel less like zombies during the day…

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