Week 3 - Finding an early newborn sleep rhythm?

by Veerle

Isolde is growing fast. As little as she still is, the newborn is wearing off nevertheless, and soon, she’ll have outgrown the tiniest size 50 clothes.

As for us, we’re slowly getting used to our new rhythm of two nightfeeds, and all is well.

At the risk of sounding arrogant, I have to say Daphne and Alexander are two exemplary children. We’re just so proud of them: they adore their little sister and really do their best to be quiet when she is sleeping or drinking.

Sleepwise, they surprise us pleasantly as well. Both of them being light sleepers, they tend to wake up from time to time, after a bad or vivid dream. Obviously, we’re there to comfort them when that happens. But in the weeks leading up to the arrival of the baby, they started waking up for less than nothing, and then they would come to our room just to inform us of the fact they had woken up. I suppose they felt the tension of the big change that was coming.

But ever since Isolde has arrived, they have slept wonderfully well – I was going to write “like a baby”, but that’s not (yet) entirely true either…

This week, Isolde’s nights don’t begin ideally: she leaves only 3 hours between the last evening feed and the first night feed. But she’s forgiven soon: a few days later, she leaves 5 hours in between the night sessions. Maybe this is the result of the buzz of the previous day: at her great-grandmother’s 90th birthday party, Isolde is passed from arm to arm of different aunts and cousins, but she doesn’t seem to mind it much.

During the day we’re getting to know a different baby girl: she’s actually awake for longer than half an hour after drinking and sometimes cries for no apparent reason. It takes some getting used to, but it’s nice to be able to start interacting more with Isolde.

In a few weeks’ time, the first smiles will appear on her lovely little round face: can’t wait!

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