Week 4 - About burps and natural newborn sleep patterns

by Veerle

Now that Isolde is more often awake during the day, it can be a bit more difficult to get her settled and calm. I don’t mind really. When you have a baby, disordered days just come with the territory.

I have learnt though, that it is imperative for babies – at least my babies - to burp before they’re put down for a nap. If, for example, they fall asleep while still at the nipple, the temptation to leave them undisturbed and just lay them in the crib, is certainly compelling. It is never a good idea. Before long, they’ll wake up, cranky, they’ll burp, and then they won’t fall asleep anymore, because the moment has passed. I was always told that breast babies tend to burp less, but mine sure did/do their fair share of it…

Anyway, to me, making Isolde burp afer drinking is one way of making sure she’ll nap more easily afterwards.

In our family, it is tradition that babies are christened when they are still tiny. This has everything to do with the fact that the family christening dress, made of antique Bruges lace, is designed for a baby of no more than two, maximum three months. This means we’re slowly starting to think about how we’re going to organise the whole baptism feast for - I kid you not - 20 adults and 18 children. Help! The thought of it alone is enough to wear me out and make me slightly emotional (to put it mildly), but Tom is very confident it’ll all turn out just fine.

In the mean time, we are being treated to some good nights: two times in a row, Isolde leaves six whole hours in between her evening and night feed. This means she wakes just the one time during these nights. She drinks, burps and I put her back in bed, sometimes even without changing her diaper.

I do wonder about the night feedings in general: when Isolde falls asleep after having drunk one breast, do I wake her for the second one? Maybe she’ll sleep longer if I do. I decide to leave the theory for what it is and choose me: the sooner I can get to sleep again, the better.

As long as Isolde is so tiny, I will just follow her lead. I remember when we left the hospital with Daphne six years ago, some paediatrician gave us a schedule of “ideal feeding times for a newborn”. You’d think paediatricians of all doctors would know better, or is it just me?

Tom still has a few days of paternity leave to take up, so on Friday he stays home and we have a long weekend together. Just lovely.

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