No Tears Sleeping Through the Night

Effective gentle techniques for settling and staying asleep
Heidi Holvoet (author)

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It really does work! The tips are very hands-on, loving and really work with no tears, which was very important to us. Nina
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About the book

Used and approved by parents worldwide, Heidi Holvoet's award-winning 3-step program helps you take your baby or toddler from 1, 2, 3 or more unnecessary night wakings to none.

Whether it's due to waking for too frequent night feeds, nursing or bottle-feeding to sleep (hunger or comfort), inability to self-soothe to sleep, inability to stay asleep for long enough stretches, a stuck sleep pattern, waking up too early in the mornings, ... there is a dedicated technique to tackle each cause and drastically improve your nights.

It's a practical book with doable tools for every step along the way, using the author's trademark approach to help you use the techniques to suit your baby's unique needs, which makes them all the more effective.

Winner of a Mom's Choice Award.

What's inside?

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Customer Reviews

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I can't explain how amazing it is to have my baby boy sleeping through the entire night! I was army wits end, about to pay $30.00/hr to hire an overnight doula so that I could sleep, I was in tears every day & dreading 6pm when everything would erupt in tears, screams & frustration. Why wasn't my baby sleeping ?! Well. I got a hold of Heidi and it all changed. I read her book and put everything in to place & within a few DAYS .. Not weeks ... Days ... My first child was sleeping through the night & I was getting sleep and we became a lot happier ! Thank you for this book, it saved my sanity & my baby boys happiness. Amanda Hamel

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It really does work!  I have read many books on baby sleep and the books by Heidi Holvoet are definitely the best and most helpful. The tips are very hands-on, loving and really work with no tears, which was very important to us. I was really relieved after reading the book and thought "finally someone that understands". Our nights have improved tremendously. Other books often only suggest "put the baby down awake". Great, but what if this just does not work? This book offers specific advice for many, many typical situations with a baby and guides you to the ultimate goal of sleeping through the night - very detailled, very to the point and yet easy to read and easy to follow. I can only recommend this book and I wish I would have already read it during my pregnancy. I also recommend "No Tears Self-Soothing " and "No Tears Naps" by the same author. Through these books we were finally also able to structure our days, have better nights and ultimately have a happy and relaxed baby (and mommy). Nina

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We are down to one night feed! He is waking up at around 8.30 for a quick cuddle and after that he is sleeping through until 12.30 for a feed then back to bed until 6.00am. That is an incredible improvement for us! Rachel, Sidney

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Thank you Heidi, I truly doubt we'd be anywhere near sleeping through without you. Belinda Trask

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Your books have been a lifesaver ... the bulleted step-by-step instructions are exactly what a tired mom needs! Christine Tallamy

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