Baby Sleep Programs by Heidi Holvoet

The award-winning baby sleep programs by sleep consultant Heidi Holvoet, PhD, are truly practical and focus on results. Each program tackles one specific issue which, once solved, improves baby's overall sleeping.

Which program to choose? Simply think of the sleep issue you and your baby struggle most with right now and then choose the program that has that issue in the title or is related most closely to it.

You'll work with evidence-based truly gentle, truly-no-tears techniques (no crying it out, no hidden CIO, no crying at all) that are realistic and give lasting results - no quick fix.

Overcome Frequent Waking by Heidi Holvoet, PhD

Overcome frequent waking cover

Overcome Frequent Waking gives you the gentle and effective tools you need to overcome those frequent wakings, without tears and whichever your current sleep associations (breast, bottle, rocking, swing, swaddle, car seat, etc.) or challenges (self-soothing, naps, routines, etc.).

Thanks to a dedicated sleep action plan - that combines your baby’s physical and emotional well-being with Heidi Holvoet’s proven no-tears sleep techniques - helping your baby sleep through the night is no longer overwhelming, but doable and effective.

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I do not know what magic you are weaving but after only implementing the first steps of the action plan she has started only waking once or twice a night (instead of 2 hourly!) and last night slept through the night!!! I put her down for a nap this morning and at her normal 45 min wake time I heard her call out then she went back to sleep! It has now been an hour and 20 minutes. Thank you thank you thank you from a rested mum and a happy giggly baby!” - Lauren E., mother of 5 month old baby girl

$ 49 - Comprehensive package including:
1. E-book
(convenient PDF format)
2. Interactive action plan
3. Exclusive access to Heidi's dedicated private support group
Download and read instantly on your computer or mobile device
(100% refund if not 100% happy)

No-Tears Self Soothing by Heidi Holvoet, PhD

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No-Tears Self Soothing takes you through the award-winning 3-step program to teach your baby to settle independently. The effective techniques include gentle ways to transition from nursing, holding, rocking or otherwise helping to sleep, transitioning from co-sleeping and from sleeping in odd places (like a swing, stroller, ...).

Parents love the consistently improved sleep they see and appreciate the author's supportive tone.

Successfully setting itself apart from others, this sleep program truthfully honors baby's uniqueness: the 3 steps naturally help you adapt the gentle techniques to fit your baby's personality and maturity as well as your family situation.

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Within two nights I started to see improvements in my son's ability to fall asleep. The program is brief and to the point, but still has enough content to provide the information I need. The methods are situation and age specific, so you can develop your own techniques based on your family's needs. I LOVE this book! - Starlight

This program has been named among the best in family-friendly media, products and services by the Mom’s Choice Awards®.

More help choosing? Use my easy checklists for when to choose which program.

Nap in a snap by Heidi Holvoet, PhD

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Nap in a Snap is a truly practical program for helping your baby or toddler nap well. It gives you the doable no-tears tools to set up the right nap routine.

That may be a strictly timed schedule, an eat-sleep-play pattern or a baby-centered routine. The 3-step program helps you find out which works best for your baby. Then with the perfect-fit nap routine ready, you learn how to install and keep good naps.

The award-winning program also features extra help with settling for naps, a complete naps tips list and how to solve the 5 most common nap problems.

Quotation marks for testimonialsI love this program! I became more aware of my baby's sleep cycle, his sleepy signs and tired behaviour and I was able to build new helpful sleep routines for him. MaryMom's Choice Award Seal

This program has been named among the best in family-friendly media, products and services by the Mom’s Choice Awards®.

More help choosing? Use my easy checklists for when to choose which program.

"Your baby sleep programs have been a lifesaver ...
the bulleted step by step instructions are exactly
what a tired mom needs!" Christine Tallamy