Sleep facts for baby and you

Author Name: Heidi Holvoet, PhD

Use this facts and guidance page to browse and read about the good-to-know basics and effective ideas for most common baby and parent sleep challenges.

General facts

The Magical Baby Sleep Solution ...

No two babies are the same, just as no two families are the same. That means there is not a single bedtime method that fits all .

Depending on your child's and your personality you may be a convinced co-sleeper or adhere crying it out methods. Or you may simply follow your instincts and use ad-hoc tips to help with settling.

My personal advice will always be based on a common-sense, loving and determined approach - using the gentle positive progressive techniques that I offer throughout this site, proven to give the best results.

That, combined with your own instincts, guiding your baby (determinedly) while being guided by her (lovingly) will be all you need.

Why is sleep important?

How much sleep is enough? Find out how many hours is typical at different ages and how to know if your little one sleeps enough or too little.

How she makes it through naps and nights is governed by her sleep patterns . These help us understand that sleeping is a skill that needs to develop.

The rapid development from newborn sleep patterns toward adult-like ones explains so well how unpredictable sleeping can be in the first weeks and months.

Understanding external effects on infant sleep patterns also helps you steer things in the right direction. These effects range from personality through home situation and cultural differences to feeding.

Methods and approaches

Start at the sleeping through the night section to explore how to help your little boy or girl settle well and keep asleep, gently and effectively, without crying it out.

When looking for a specific approach that works for you and your little boy or girl, start with this sleep method overview , where I discuss my own approach as well as the No Cry Solution , Ferber, the Baby Whisperer , etc.

Crying it out : pro's and con's and what to do if you want to avoid having your child cry it out. If you are considering it, have a quick look at when cry it out is a no-no .

For You

Good nights for your infant are important, but equally important for you, as a parent or carer.

Mainly during the first year, many parents experience some form of sleep deprivation and its effects .

These simple relaxation techniques like belly breathing help many moms and dads too.

During pregnancy

During pregnancy, keeping well rested is important to stay fit and healthy.

Relieve pregnancy fatigue and pregnancy sleeping problems thanks to simple and effective gestures.

Discover how you can prepare your little one for good naps and nights through bonding during pregnancy .

Article Author: Heidi Holvoet, PhD - Founder, senior sleep consultant

Heidi Holvoet, PhD

Heidi Holvoet, PhD, is the founder of the Baby Sleep Advice website and movement, an award-winning author, baby & toddler sleep consultant with 15+ years experience as well as a certified lactation counselor.

Over the years, Heidi has received several awards inluding a Mom's Choice Award (MCA) and National Parenting Awards (NAPPA) for her Baby Sleep Advice website, programs and books. Also, Baby Sleep Advice was awarded "Most Trusted Infant's Sleep Solutions Company 2023" in the Benelux Enterprise Awards 2023.

Heidi continually conducts personal research and participates in continued education and in that way stays up to date with current scientific and pyschosocial infant care.

Association of Professional Sleep Consultants

She is also a member of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants of which she was one of the earliest contributors. She obtained her PhD degree in physics at the University of Ghent in Belgium.

Heidi is passionate about helping babies and their parents sleep more and better, with her trademark approach that has been proven and praised time and again by parents worldwide to be effective and truly no-tears. Respect for you as a parent and your baby, is at the heart of Heidi's warm and kind support. Her approach always keeps in mind a baby's needs and abilities at any given age, is based on pediatric science and the most up to date knowledge in infant care and sleep science.

As well as the award-winning baby sleep programs, Heidi offers popular 1:1 consults and easy-access 30-minute SOS Sleep sessions.