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Welcome to Baby Sleep Advice's Affiliate Program! I'm excited to partner with you to promote our industry-leading baby sleep programs and help parents and caregivers provide the best sleep solutions for their little ones. - Heidi Holvoet, PhD, Founder

Why Partner With Baby Sleep Advice?

Baby Sleep Advice, founded in 2008 by Heidi Holvoet is dedicated to helping parents and caregivers navigate the challenges of sleep in the early years.

Baby Sleep Advice programs and webinars

Heidi Holvoet's award-winning baby sleep programs & webinars are much-praised by parents the world over, thanks to the proven techniques and strategies that offer kind and real-life support, while leading to better sleep for the whole family.

The approach is unique in the world as it's truly-no-tears (this refers to not being a case of advertising as gentle and then still resort to crying in some instances) and yet achieves excellent results for a self-reported 96% of families.

Together with a small team of dedicated baby sleep consultants, Heidi Holvoet is on a mission to transform the way babies and their parents achieve more and better sleep, advocating for respectful and truly gentle approaches, that cater to baby's needs as well as parents' needs.

By joining our affiliate program, you become an integral part of this passion and movement, contributing to the well-being of families everywhere.

Benefits For Affiliates

  • Make a Difference

    By promoting our baby sleep programs, you're not just selling products: you're joining a movement dedicated to helping babies and their parents sleep better, in respectful and truly gentle ways.
  • Competitive Commission Rates

    We offer a commission rate ranging from 5-30% that increases with increased sales referrals.
  • Receive 100% of the Commission

    We don't use a third party affilicate platform so there's no loss along the way. We have a direct contract and you earn 100% of your commissions.
  • Generous Cookie Duration

    Sales usually happen instantly and if not, within 1-2 days. Still the affiliate cookie duration is set at a long 7 days.
  • This affiliate program is open for companies of all sizes as well as individuals

    Your audience and sales volume is less important than your passion to share and help more parents find more and better sleep.

How To Get Started

Apply by email, sharing why you'd like to promote our programs. Also don't hesitate if you have any questions before applying. You'll be in direct contact with me, Heidi Holvoet, founder and passionate caretaker of the Baby Sleep Advice movement and offers.

As a reply to your email enquiry, you'll receive full details on how to proceed and once we both decide we're a good fit, you can get started right away.

Article Author: Heidi Holvoet, PhD - Founder, senior sleep consultant

Heidi Holvoet, PhD

Heidi Holvoet, PhD, is the founder of the Baby Sleep Advice website and movement, an award-winning author, baby & toddler sleep consultant with 15+ years experience as well as a certified lactation counselor.

Over the years, Heidi has received several awards inluding a Mom's Choice Award (MCA) and National Parenting Awards (NAPPA) for her Baby Sleep Advice website, programs and books. Also, Baby Sleep Advice was awarded "Most Trusted Infant's Sleep Solutions Company 2023" in the Benelux Enterprise Awards 2023.

Heidi continually conducts personal research and participates in continued education and in that way stays up to date with current scientific and pyschosocial infant care.

Association of Professional Sleep Consultants

She is also a member of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants of which she was one of the earliest contributors. She obtained her PhD degree in physics at the University of Ghent in Belgium.

Heidi is passionate about helping babies and their parents sleep more and better, with her trademark approach that has been proven and praised time and again by parents worldwide to be effective and truly no-tears. Respect for you as a parent and your baby, is at the heart of Heidi's warm and kind support. Her approach always keeps in mind a baby's needs and abilities at any given age, is based on pediatric science and the most up to date knowledge in infant care and sleep science.

As well as the award-winning baby sleep programs, Heidi offers popular 1:1 consults and easy-access 30-minute SOS Sleep sessions.