Book your 30-minute SOS Baby Sleep Session

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Hi and welcome! We've set up the easiest and fastest way to talk or chat with me and get instant advice, help or reassurance for your baby's sleep.

I keep a maximum of 30-minute slots available every day so you can get help ASAP. Without the wait for a full consulting package.

Go here to book your session directly.

1. Choose your best date and time

You can choose and book your session. Simply follow the steps after you click the link. Once confirmed you'll receive confirmation by email and we'll be all set to talk soon!

2. Choose how you want to talk with me

You can choose video call, audio call, or written chat Each session is 30 minutes, directly with me, Heidi Holvoet. You'll also get the chance beforehand, if you like, to let me know what you want to talk about

3. Choose your preferred way to pay

Your all-in fee (US$54) includes our 30-minute chat/call, my assessment and my advice that you receive during our session I often also send information or resources afterwards if appropriate. These are of course also included!

If you'd like a quick 1:1 session to help with your little one's sleep, these fast-track 30-minute SOS sessions with Heidi are perfect! Easy to book and quick availability.

These sessions are ideal if you have a quick question, feel worried and want to speak with someone ASAP, or you just want to talk something through with me, and you don't want to wait on the waitlist for a full consult package.

Easy & fast access to sleep help for your baby

You choose a time slot that suits and choose between video call, audio call and written chat.

Each is with yours truly and we'll go straight to what's happening for you and your baby's sleep right now.

I'll make an assessment on the spot and you'll come out of the call/chat with at least 2-3 action steps or bits of advice to start applying right away.

What are these sessions for?

You can ask me anything related to your baby's or your own sleep, no limits really: Ideal when:

  • You need a quick change
  • You feel uncertain or worried about your baby's sleep right now
  • You feel anxious and/or lost with sleep deprivation
  • You want to talk through what's happening sleep wise right now and what best to do next

Examples of topics

  • Can't sleep without nursing
  • Suddenly takes short naps
  • Naps are all over the place
  • Should I drop a nap?
  • Why is my baby waking every hour?
  • [your question here...]

You can truly address anything related to your baby's sleep, and of course your own sleep too!

Don't hesitate if you have any questions and I look forward to speaking, or writing, to you very soon!

With love and dedication,


IMPORTANT: if your baby is unwell and you're looking for emergency medical assistance, this is not the right service. Please contact your doctor or your local emergency center instead.