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Thank you for your kind words! ❤ - Heidi

From up all night to sleeping through the night

Hello, just wanted to share my success story with everybody here. I bought Heidi's Overcome Frequent Waking at the beginning of the year because my son was such a poor sleeper. I had posted several times in the [private facebook] group and Heidi gave me some useful tips. When my son was 14 months old, after trying out the techniques for a couple of weeks, he started sleeping through the night and had one big 3 hour nap.

Katrin H.

1:1 with Heidi is a fantastic experience!

Maria and family

We have worked with Heidi 1:1 on sleep for multiple kids and it's it's been a fantastic experience! Heidi is warm and caring, as well as incredibly thoughtful and thorough. Both instances she spent the time to dig deep and gain a comprehensive understanding of the issues we were dealing with before providing very clear and actionable plans.

We had actually worked with other sleep consultants prior to Heidi and only received "cookie cutter" guidance that unfortunately just did not work. If you're seeking a thorough, customized, and truly gentle sleep plan, look no further. Thanks again, Heidi!

Maria and Mike L.

From waking every 45' to waking just once or twice!

I've only started applying some of the tips mentioned in Overcome Frequent Waking and woooooow miracles started to happen, thank you so much! We went from waking every 45 minutes to waking only once or twice a night already.

Mei R.

[1:1 with Heidi ] More independent sleep, better understanding and as a mom I felt very supported by Heidi

Lillian Singh, mother to Neala (7 months at the time of this recording)

Grace's beautiful, inspiring, and reassuring sleep story

Grace Mendoza, mom to 21 month old baby girl Abigail

The two best programs for helping your child develop healthy sleep habits!

Nina and her two babies

Heidi's no tears nap and no tears self soothing [inside of Overcome Frequent Waking] are the two best programs for helping your child develop healthy sleep habits!

I was struggling with my first child. I read several books to help figure out things, but only found Heidi's helpful. I recommend them to everyone I know having a baby.

My daughter was falling asleep on her own 100% independent consistently for a 12 hour stretch at night and naps by 10 months. Putting her down eyes wide open! Still happening now and she's 20 months.

When I was pregnant with my second child her programs were the only ones I went to. I've started using her tips immediately.

Can't wait to get the next program!

Nina Marie Wright
Fort Lauderdale, FL USA

I can't thank you enough!

Kelly and her baby

I was having trouble getting my now 7 month daughter to have decent naps. This meant she was extremely overtired and upset by the end of the day.

I would give her a bottle in the nursery than rock her to sleep. She would then wake up after only 20 minutes.

Once I purchased and downloaded your sleep through the night and nap books, it all made so much sense. It was so helpful to learn about sleep cycles, not to give her the bottle in the nursery and put her down straight away. She needs time to digest and was obviously waking due to a full stomach. Also we now have quiet time just before bed so she is nice and relaxed.

Madison now has an hour sleep mid morning and most of the time, a two hour sleep in the afternoon. This means she is much happier later in the day so my husband can enjoy her mood and put her to bed easily after being at work all day.

I can't thank you enough!

Kelly C.
Wollongong, Australia

Super grateful for Heidi and everything that she shares!

Kate W. of Bubbles Organic
Gold Coast, Australia

Heidi's programs and advice have been absolutely invaluable to us

Ella and her baby

Heidi's programs and advice have been absolutely invaluable to us and have helped us to regain some sanity after months of sleep deprivation.

We started using her techniques when our baby was 5 months old and now, at nearly 8 months, he falls asleep by himself, sleeps so much better at night and naps well too.

Heidi is incredibly knowledgeable, supportive, caring and offers practical and accessible advice that really works and that puts the baby first.

We are incredibly grateful to have found her and we are enjoying parenthood so much more now we are a bit more rested!


You are our sleep angel!

I just wanted to say thank you all the way from Sydney, Australia. When my sons paediatrician said we needed to try controlled crying I *respectfully* declined. But he was right about one thing, I couldn't keep surviving without sleep.

Your books have been a godsend. I started implementing by the clock naps under a week ago and we have gone from 30 minutes in arms to 1.5 hours in the cot in the last two days. I didn't even need to stop feeding him to sleep which I love. We continue to work on nights with your tips and I can already see an improvement.

You are our sleep angel!

Lisa J. M.
Sydney, Australia

My son now sleeps 11-12 hours through the night!

Margarita Neunaber

I'm so glad I found this site!!!

I've been looking everywhere for something that can help me and my baby sleep more!

Alberta, Canada

So grateful for Heidi's expertise and patience

Rosie babies Amelie and Mario

I came across Heidi's site during one of my many sleep deprived Google searches for gentle approaches to settling babies when our twins were 9 months. Its fair to say I was totally exhausted and sleep issues had become unmanageable.

We paid for a consultation with Heidi and over the course of several months received warm, compassionate, thoughtful and highly experienced advice that enabled our twin's sleep to improve dramatically and within a few weeks time frame.

We had evenings again! they didn't have 45 minute naps anymore! There was no crying! Heidi has always felt more like a friend extending a cyber arm around my shoulders when it all got too difficult - we are so grateful for all her expertise and patience.

Rosie J., mother of Amelie and Mario
KeriKeri, New Zealand

Thank you Heidi!

I have read SO much about baby/toddler sleep and you always manage to be the most helpful and reassuring. You have helped me far more than anything I have read mainly because I don't feel guilty about the way my baby is sleeping but feel more confident in getting him to sleep better!


Thank you Heidi for a better life!

I’m the first time mother of a 10 months old sweet baby boy. He started off as a generally good sleeper but as he completed his 6 months, he began to wake up almost every 1-2 hours at night. We would give him the pacifier and he’d usually go back to sleep except for times where we’d needed to go through the cycle of picking up, walking, rocking, singing etc…

We blamed this on teething, on the weather (too hot or too cold), on his activities during the day… we tried sleeping early, then sleeping late, going down to 2 naps during the day etc… Nothing was working. And we were starting to see how this unhealthy sleeping is not working for him so we needed a solution. A lot of our friends/relatives were advocating the Cry it Out method. Well, my son was born with Hirschsprung disease (to those who have never heard of it – like me, it’s a congenital malformation of the colon and it’s only fixed with surgery). There was no way for me to add to all the misery of this disease such a harsh technique.

I finally found this website and the "Self Soothing" book. I read it in like an hour, only 2 days later, I started seeing improvements. Thank you again!

Beirut, Lebanon

Hi Heidi! wanted to tell you A GREAT BIG THANKS for your tips on self soothing the gentle way!

Our little girl is now 8 1/2 mos old and has been going to sleep more and more awake since trying the technique. She now goes down completely awake falls asleep in 10 min and goes back to sleep at night when she wakes!

She sleeps 10-11 hours a night and her naps have gone from 30-45 min to 1 - 2 hours! All with out the severe and harsh crying it out methods! THANKS!

I love your website! It is the best I have seen on SLEEP.. and I have looked
at a lot of them!

Anne Munnelly
Omaha, NE USA

Your site is awesome.

It is a great resource for information. We're just now getting to fully utilize your advise since our son is on a more consistent schedule.


Hello! First I want to thank you for offering such a great site. Its wonderful to hear...or read...that I am not alone.

Oakland, CA, USA

Hi Heidi! Thank you so much for your suggestions. 

After reading your reply we tried a couple of your suggestions and I must say his sleep has really improved.

The suggestions that really worked for us was a stricter bedtime - he now goes to bed at 6.00 every night and we have increased his feeds in the evening and increased his solid intake as well.

He is still waking up at around 8.30 every night for a quick cuddle but after that he is sleeping through until 12.30 for a feed then back to bed until 6.00am and is down to 1 night feed. It was so nice to get some feedback from somebody who understood the situation. Thanks again.!

Sydney, Australia

When you have a baby with a sleeping problem you feel SO alone. I was never one for leaving them to cry it out, so not being able to "crack this" made me feel like a complete failure as a mother.

But when I turned to Heidi I started feeling more hopeful. Heidi is like your best friend - she listens without judgement and then offers sound and practical advice, all the while being realistic about what you can achieve. She gives you the reassurance you need to keep going when you just want to give up, so that you feel empowered.

So when my baby FINALLY started sleeping through, I was able to look back on it and feel a sense of pride in knowing that I made it through all those hopeless, frustrating, sleepless nights, and those months of feeling like a zombie! I was there for my baby, and that was the most important thing for me. And the sleeping through part, that's all his doing!

South West London

Thank you Heidi. Your website is so helpful and realistic. It helps to know that you went through much of what we are going through, and that you aren't just a book that assumes all babies are the same.

San Francisco, CA, USA

I really like this site and was delighted to find it! 

Bryan, TX USA

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience!

It is so hard to find out what to do as there are so many different 'expert' opinions! I feel slightly pressured by my family to let her CIO because at the moment, as I don't really have time at all to do anything. So I'm hoping you can share your wisdom!

E Van de Rijst

I love you Heidi! No cry-it-out...yay!


Dear Heidi,

Thank tou for sharing such valuable information online, your techniques are great and progressive.

Meagan Londy
on No-Tears Self Soothing

Didn't subscribe originally for myself but was doing some research for a friend who is having difficulty with her baby sleeping. She now has a new routine in place and bubs is sleeping much better. Your top tips worked well.

Susan Warner

Hi Heidi,

Firstly thanks very much for the great advice on this site. Our baby is 17 weeks old and has always fought sleep, but the last couple of week have been very hard sleep wise and it's good to know there's a reason behind it!


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