Refund Policy

Latest update: September 14, 2018

Author: Heidi Holvoet, PhD

Refunds on e-books and comprehensive packages

While the utmost care has been taken to create complete, concise and practical e-books and comprehensive packages to help as many parents and carers as possible, the author Heidi Holvoet, PhD recognizes the fact that the same approach is not for everyone and therefore offers a 100% refund to anyone not satisfied with the information received in the books and comprehensive packages.

Also, conscious of the cost and recognizing the fact that it is never straightforward to judge a parenting e-book based on its information and order page, the author wants to facilitate Easy Risk-free Trials: order the e-book of your choice, read it, give the techniques a go as much as you want and only then decide whether you want to go ahead and keep it. If for whichever reason you are not happy with the results, or simply decide not to go ahead, you will receive a 100% refund.

To receive your refund, simple send your request by email to

Refunds on 1-to-1 counseling

There is a 24 hour "Sorry I changed my mind!" policy on each of 1-to-1 counseling options. If you decide to cancel within 24 hours of paying for your 1-to-1 counseling, you will receive an immediate 100% refund.

Once the first 24 hour period passed, Heidi Holvoet, PhD will have started preliminary work for you. Refunds from this moment forward are not guaranteed and subject to negotiation. We always strive to achieve a very reasonable agreement for both parties.