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Author: Heidi Holvoet, PhD

Hi Heidi! wanted to tell you A GREAT BIG THANKS for your tips on self soothing the gentle way! Our little girl is now 8 1/2 mos old and has been going to sleep more and more awake since trying the technique. She now goes down completely awake falls asleep in 10 min and goes back to sleep at night when she wakes! She sleeps 10-11 hours a night and her naps have gone from 30-45 min to 1 - 2 hours! All with out the severe and harsh crying it out methods! THANKS! Anne - Omaha, NE
Thank you so much Heidi for your caring and thorough advice. We have carefully followed your plan and couldn't be happier with how Elena is now sleeping: she settles all by herself in her crib at naps, needs just a bit of comfort at night when she wakes which is only once a night!!! Mary - TX
Hello Heidi, I have asked you a few questions in the past and your advice has always helped us immensely with our very spirited 14 month old baby boy's sleep! Thank you! Justine - California
Hi Heidi. I am back with some good news again. I've taken your advice and started to reduce the night feeds to 2.  After some days he got used to it and the move from 2 to 1 and from 1 to 0 feeds went more or less automatically. Thanks again for your great help, news letters and your advice online which I find very useful! Claudia
Hi Heidi - thanks for your email.  Charlotte is doing much better.  We moved her bed against another wall,  the first night was horrible,  but after that she has been sleeping much longer.  Most nights she is not getting up.  On the nights she wakes,  we have been letting her fuss for a bit and usually she goes back to sleep,  and if not,  she's only up for 15 minutes max and then back to bed.  I really appreciate all of your suggestions,  quite a few worked like a charm! Carla - Canada
Good news: we now have a schedule! Thanks again for your great advice! I certainly will recommend your homepage. Claudia