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Overcome Frequent Waking

A no-tears action plan uniquely tailored to your baby's needs to achieve sleeping through the night

Overwhelmed and frustrated trying to help your baby sleep?

You thought you'd mastered it. Your baby slept through the night that one time.

And you? You woke up refreshed, and didn't nod off in the car that day.

But then ... back to the usual.

You're exhausted but lie awake at night again – anxiously hoping for 1 longer stretch of sleep. Worried about your baby's brain development.

Your morning coffee your only hope for some energy today.

You need sleep – but you'd be horrified to let your baby cry it out.

And you're NOT ready to throw your instincts over board, or to try and fit your baby into a rigid schedule.

Please know that you don't have to.

You CAN help your baby sleep better, without any of the tears but WITH positive progress.

Not just sleep through for 1 night, but truly LEARN to sleep well, and come to LOVE sleep.

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As a sleepless mom for months on end I was desperate for help. Health visitors and friends told me that if I left my baby to cry it out my daughter would sleep within days, but that's just not my style.

Heidi's program was a dream come true. I was so lost in the myriad of books I had read that I didn't know where to start, but Heidi's program changed that. Rather than give a million different tips all mashed together, the advice was clear, concise and step by step.

I learned that I didn't have to conquer all of my baby's sleep issues at once. I didn't have to leave her to cry, and I didn't have to suddenly change everything about her sleep routine and her environment.

Instead I was taught a gradual approach that made me and my baby happier and more comfortable.
Amy A., mother of 8 month old Megan, USA

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Risk-Free Purchase
100% Money Back Guarantee

This is my most complete sleep program: it'll feel like a 1-to-1 consult with me, just at your own pace and constantly available.

On top of the frequent waking specifics and full well-being assessments and solutions, it also comes built in with my full self-soothing and nap builders.

With love and dedication,

Heidi Holvoet, PhD


1. Overcome Frequent Waking Sleep Program (PDF document): Download & read instantly, any device

2. Interactive Action Plan: the easy plan that helps you put into action everything from the book successfully

3. Exclusive Access To Heidi Holvoet PhD's Private Fb Support Group: Ask me questions and discuss with me and your fellow parents. Not only does this help you get better results faster, it'll also be your safe place for support in difficult moments.

4. BONUS Personalized Nap Schedule Consult by Email

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Proud honoree of the prestigious 2018-2019 Mom's Choice Award

Who's it for?

This program is for you if your baby:

  • is between 1 and 24 months old, and/or
  • wakes up too many times a night, and/or
  • has trouble with settling, self-soothing or staying asleep, and/or
  • wakes too early in the morning or at irregular times, and/or
  • wakes to feed, out of habit or for comfort, and/or
  • has unknown or known physical and/or emotional discomforts, and/or
  • used to sleep through the night but suddenly started waking again, and/or
  • naps poorly and it affects night time sleep, and/or
  • you want a true no-tears approach (No CIO in disguise!), and/or
  • you like to have a clear and complete, interactive action plan for helping your baby sleep optimally.

What is it?

Overcome Frequent Waking is my most complete baby sleep program. It gives you a step-by-step action plan to help your baby sleep through the night, without tears. Especially if your little boy or girl wakes many times - every hour, every 2-3 hours - and regardless of what causes the wake-ups.

Parents worldwide have told me they love my warm supportive tone and the consistently improved sleep they experience. (See more testimonials). All tools and techniques in my approach are based on studies, scientific research and my personal experience of more than 10 years as a baby sleep consultant.

The action plan in this program is not a one-fits-all pre-fabricated list of things to do.

Instead, you'll set up your very personal action plan, naturally adapted to your baby's individual needs right now, as you go through the program. (You make your plan using a super-easy template.)

You'll tackle each of the specific sleep issues your baby struggles with while also optimizing her physical and emotional well-being. Such a holistic "all-inclusive" approach is key to truly make a change to your baby's sleeping and is the reason for the high success rates*. Otherwise, physical and emotional discomforts often remain hidden or untreated and prevent any sleep solution from having the desired effect.

*96% of test-readers reported strongly reduced or completely vanished night wakings, on average within 2-3 weeks. Most of these babies achieved sleeping through the night completely - others remained with an occasional waking suitable for their age and health condition - nearly all mastered self-soothing to sleep for naps and nights and continued to do so after the trial ended.

How does it work?

Does your baby wake up every hour at night? Or every 2-3 hours? Or in any way more often than you'd like or think necessary?

Are you exhausted and feel overwhelmed, not sure where to start?

I know - all too well ... - what it's like. Not just from my own experience when my babies were tiny, but from working with hundreds of families every year for the past 10 years. That's how I've developed the action plan in this program because it keeps it all doable, and at the same time effective.

This program - described by one mom as "a dream come true" - is dedicated and proven* to help you and your baby overcome those frequent wakings.

To do this, you'll combine my no-tears sleep techniques with a unique way to identify physical and emotional discomforts that cause or contribute to your baby's frequent waking.

I explain the no-tears sleep techniques in clear simple steps to help you with weaning from nursing or bottle feeding to sleep, transitioning from being held, rocked or otherwise helped to sleep, reducing baby's need to feed at night, help with staying asleep, improving naps and even avoiding early morning waking.

Easy-to-use symptom checklists make you look into all possible discomforts to make sure you don't miss anything, and then help you relieve the discomfort: from over-tiredness, digestive & feeding issues, reflux and many other physical discomforts, to emotional discomforts like pacifier dependence, comfort feeding, separation anxiety etc.

Most parents discover at least 2 or 3 discomforts they weren't aware of. Relieving those dramatically improves your baby's well-being - from grumpy to happy giggly baby - and in this way almost always immediately boosts sleeping.

Your Exclusive Private Facebook Group

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I LOVE the online facebook group! I think that is huge in and of itself. I follow along daily.

It's so nice to not only get your input/ideas/solutions but also to know I am not alone with my poor sleeper (God love her) hahaha she is the sweetest!

Last night we had our first good night - only one wake up! The bedtime routine and putting down awake is really helping her.

You have helped me more than I can put into words!! Anyways, that facebook group: I'd pay serious money for that!!!

Kim Nelson, mom 10 month old cutie girl, Columbus, Ohio USA

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Parent Reviews for Overcome Frequent Waking

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Heidi, your program worked like a charm. She's been sleeping through the night for weeks now. It truly was so much easier than I imagined bc of your techniques to ease us into the "putting to bed awake" process. Our family has never been more rested, happier and better functioning!”
Ginny H., mother of 9 month old baby girl

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I do not know what magic you are weaving but after only implementing the first steps of the action plan she has started only waking once or twice a night (instead of 2 hourly!) and last night slept through the night!!! I put her down for a nap this morning and at her normal 45 min wake time I heard her call out then she went back to sleep! It has now been an hour and 20 minutes.
Thank you thank you thank you from a rested mum and a happy giggly baby!”   
Lauren E., mother of 5 month old baby girl

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Thank you so much for your concise, practical program and valuable tips! I'm happy to say that she's down to one night waking (from 5-6!) where she finishes a bottle and then goes back in her crib and falls asleep right away!”
Ana M., mother of 5 month old baby girl, USA

Amy and Megan review

Quotation marks for testimonials

As a sleepless mum for months on end I was desperate for help. Health visitors and friends told me that if I left my baby to cry it out my daughter would sleep within days, but that's just not my style.
Heidi's program was a dream come true. I was so lost in the myriad of books I had read that I didn't know where to start, but Heidi's program changed that. Rather than give a million different tips all mashed together, the advice was clear, concise and step by step. I learned that I didn't have to conquer all of my baby's sleep issues at once. I didn't have to leave her to cry, and I didn't have to suddenly change everything about her sleep routine and her environment.
Instead I was taught a gradual approach that made me and my baby happier and more comfortable. The golden sleep essentials were a must and some of them never even occurred to me.
Amy A., mother of 8 month old Megan, USA

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Heidi's program provides gentle suggestions and encouragement for parents who are sleep deprived but committed to using gentle techniques. I loved that there were so many different scenarios and many practical suggestions of techniques to try. The program gave me the confidence to persevere with changes to help our two-year-old daughter with her sleep. With the advice and encouragement the program provided, our little one is now sleeping through the night.
Lisa W., mother of 2 year old Amber, Washington DC, USA

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"Overcome Frequent Waking" provides a user-friendly approach that is comprehensive and effective. The program is realistic and focusing on long-term sleeping success versus a quick fix. With that said, we saw changes in a matter of days implementing some of the strategies suggested. In a society where crying it out is touted as something you have to eventually do, this program offers an intuitive approach that is in line with our natural responses as parents - to be present for our children when they need us - while fostering a healthy attitude towards sleep and sleeping independently. Thank you! Elizabeth I., mother of 10 month old Joey

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Sami O and family review

There are 2 things that I really liked about this program. 1- It is structured in a very clear way (using flow charts) to help you analyze the cause of your baby's waking. You can just look for the behavior you see, and read the possible causes for it. 2- Heidi's approach is really a no-cry approach, and not a CIO hiding under a no-cry approach. For us that was an absolute requirement, no matter if it took more tome or effort.
Sami, father of Elli and Lia, Dubai UAE

Quotation marks for testimonials

I would definitely recommend this program to any parent who would like to help their baby to sleep better - Matthew now self settles with no tears at bed time, and sleeps 12 hours at night.
When I started reading this program, my baby was waking after two to four hours of sleep at night, and then co-sleeping for the rest of the night as he would not go back in his cot. The first section about eliminating physical discomfort is unique in sleep books I have read, and dramatically improved our baby's sleep. We then went on to work on the self soothing techniques. I liked the concept that you are teaching your baby to self soothe, not forcing it, and the reassurance that you are not undoing all your good work if you have to revert to former sleep props on some nights.
Wendy, Mum of Matthew, UK


Margarita started with Overcome Frequent Waking when her son Lucas was 11 months old. Lucas was waking every hour and not napping at all.


Margarita used the action plan and applied the techniques that suited Lucas: Weaning from dozing off at the breast, Reducing the need to feed at night, Improving naps and Keeping asleep.


Lucas now sleeps 11-12 hours through the night and takes restful naps of 1.5-2.5 hours.

"My son now sleeps 11-12 hours through the night" - Margarita, Germany

Download the package:

(PDF documents - read on any device)

1. The sleep program (main PDF document)
2. The interactive action plan
3. Access to advice by author and sleep consultant Heidi Holvoet, PhD on the private fb support group (optional)
4. BONUS Personalized Nap Schedule Consult by Email

Risk-Free Purchase
(100% refund if not 100% happy)

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Your questions answered

Q.: For which age ranges do you recommend this program?
A.: From 1 month old and up to 2 years of age. The approach is equally effective for babies and for toddlers.
It is also gentle enough not to qualify as the type of sleep training that is not–advised for use with babies under 3-4 months old, which explains why you can work with the program from 1 month onwards. That said, we will always take into account the possible necessity of some of the night wakings. Meaning that your main goal at a very young age will be to instill optimal health and sleep habits, avoid unnecessary wakings, while the necessary night wakings will be left alone until your baby is ready.

Q.: How quickly can I expect results?
A.: This program is not a quick fix. It is a realistic program that takes a bit of time and effort, but with lasting improved sleep skills as a result. How quickly you will see results will depend on the number of wakings and the underlying causes, and how consistent you can be with the plan.

Most parents see first progress within 2-3 days of using the plan and techniques, with nearly all reporting families reaching their desired improved nights within 2-3 weeks.

Q.: Is it complicated to make the tailored sleep plan?
A.: No, not at all. The entire program was designed and tested to be efficient and easy to use. You will start from an action plan template, which has the generic timeline and phases. All you need to do is, as you read the program, fill in the spots that require tailoring (for example "my baby needs to wean from nursing to sleep"). You fill in your sleep plan either with pen and paper or on your phone, tablet and computer, as you prefer. My personal tip once you get the program: grab your favorite drink, settle down for a first read, and plan. By the time your drink is finished, you will have a ready-to-go action plan to start helping your baby wake less frequently at night.

Q.: Is it a long and complicated read?
A.: No. The program is a minimalistic read. I've not included any decoration or page-fillers. Every item made it into the program because it has helped other parents and their babies before and will possibly help you, too.

Q.: Do you offer a refund in case I am not happy with the program?
A.: Absolutely. The only purpose of this program is to help you and your baby sleep more and better at night. If you discover that the approach is not for you or if you have tried it and see no results at all, I will refund 100% of your purchase, no questions asked. Just email me and we will sort that out for you asap.

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Problems? Questions?

If you have any question or concern about downloading this program, please don't hesitate to contact me. Also if you require a hard-copy printed version of the program, email me at heidi@baby-sleep-advice.com.