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Hi! This is where we, your baby sleep consultants Heidi Holvoet, Tessa Marks, Steph Sanders and Inge Marks go 'alongside and beyond' the foundation articles on this website.

We share our personal experiences and reflections, as well as ideas and advice in specific situations.

We infuse every blog with a combination of our experience, knowledge, up to date scientific research, and our deep love and connection for helping you and your little ones sleep more and better.

With love 💛 Heidi, Tessa, Steph, and Inge

10 things you need to know about baby carrying
by Inge Marks

Close up of baby being carried in front of parent

After many years of stroller monopoly, baby carrying is making a slow but steady comeback. Many people choose a sling or another carrier because it is more convenient.

Anybody who has tried maneuvering a stroller through a door, on the bus, or in a car, knows what I am talking about! Lots of us however, do not know how good it is for our baby's well-being. Baby carrying or baby wearing actually has lots of advantages!

3 Easy-and-Effective Tweaks To Help Your Baby Sleep When The Clocks Change (DST)
by Heidi Holvoet

To help your baby sleep when the clocks change, the classic advice is to move up your baby’s bedtime with 10 or 15-minute increments a few days before Daylight Saving Time. It can work for some, but it doesn’t work well for all babies.

Here at Baby Sleep we have a more relaxed, and also more effective take on avoiding a sleep regression due to Daylight Saving Time.

Toddler Bedtime Routine: Do’s and Don’ts
by Steph Sanders

Did you know that research1 has shown that a consistent toddler bedtime routine not only helps kiddos fall asleep quicker, sleep longer and wake up less during the night but helps decrease daytime behavior struggles2

A nighttime routine with your baby or toddler can consist of anything that works for them and your family. Get creative and focus on connecting with your little one! 

Baby sleep expectations: How realistic are they?
by Tessa Marks

When we’re expecting, many of us have ideas, fantasies, and baby sleep expectations with long peaceful nights for our little one in their beautifully prepared crib as the top one. 

mom and tiny baby

These fantasies rarely become a reality. Babies wake up many times and, depending on the baby, they can keep doing this for a long time.

Mom and baby walking

Tips for an easier life with a difficult baby
by Inge Marks

What can we actually do to help a 'difficult', hypersensitive feel calm?

How do we make them feel as safe as possible and not succumb to exhaustion whilst doing that?

Difficult baby? Or is s(he) just a brave survivor!
by Inge Marks

Very young baby crying hard

My son was not an easy baby. I could never put him down for more than a couple of minutes. He was very fussy, hypersensitive, and quickly displeased. This is our story.

How to gently stop cosleeping
by Steph Sanders

Parents fussing over tiny baby

Transitioning from co-sleeping, and moving back into bed with my husband, was a harder change than ending our breastfeeding journey. Truthfully if it wasn't for expecting our second child in four months, I probably wouldn't have made the shift at this time.

Below is my story of gently transitioning away from co-sleeping. I share tips on what worked for us, with the help of Baby Sleep Advice's guiding principles.

Tricking with Kindness: How to use reverse psychology with your baby or toddler without doing any harm
by Heidi Holvoet

Mom holding happy baby in nature

Reverse psychology – used with complete compassion and kindness – can be one of the most powerful and kind tools to help babies and toddlers thrive. I use it a lot and with great success to help solve baby sleep problems but you can use it for good in other areas too.

But sadly, when mis-used, reverse psychology can also become ugly, manipulative and utterly unfair. Because simply put, classic reverse psychology in childcare is about tricking a helpless child. And there’s nothing that breaks my heart more.