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Heidi Holvoet holding her baby girl

Cry it out: the real reason for avoiding it when helping your baby sleep
by Heidi Holvoet

Cry it out as a baby sleep method isn’t great for your baby. It can negatively affect parent-baby bonding, destroy trust, hamper healthy sleep development and cause brain damage due to toxic stress.

To top it off, for many families, results from any form of crying it out are short-term only.

5 practical tips to help wean your toddler from nursing
by Tessa Marks

A mom and toddler facing the camera

To wean your toddler from breastfeeding is alike yet different from weaning a baby.

Let’s have a look at these 5 toddler-specific ways you can lovingly and efficiently help your toddler make this transition

Your Baby Sleeping Through the Night and Intuitive Parenting: When the Mainstream Formula Doesn't Work
by Steph Sanders

Baby girl lying down looking up

I didn’t give much thought to baby sleep before having my daughter. I couldn’t have imagined what our journey to “sleeping through the night” would be. But there are things I didn’t expect I would do as a mother.

How I experienced these things went against certain “truths” of how babies “should” sleep according to the mainstream narrative.

Don't want to let your baby cry it out? A dad's journey
by Tessa Marks

Dad holding baby daughter

Becoming a new parent often means dealing with different types of baby sleep issues, a chronic lack of sleep and the overall new family dynamics that are created. This means you constantly have to revise your vision of ‘how things should be’ and what the new normal is.

I think these changes might often be quite natural for moms. For dads however, these can be much harder to understand and come to terms with.

Sleepless nights with baby? How to find little bursts of energy to keep you going!
by Celia Ponzo

Dad holding baby daughter

This is my personal story on dealing with sleepless nights with my baby girl.

My mother asked me at the end of my pregnancy if I wanted her to come over to live with me to help with my baby in the first months. I denied without even thinking twice. I thought that I did not need any help.

At The End Of Your Rope? (5 Actionable Baby Sleep Steps You Can Do Today)
by Steph Sanders

Mom holding baby upright

When you're in the throes of your baby not sleeping, which means YOU are not sleeping, it can feel like this reality may last forever. I've been there

Jenny and her two kids

Jenny's story: lovingly tackling catnapping and frequent night waking
by Jenny and Heidi

I had been blessed with 2 great pregnancies but shocking sleepers! However, Kalani seems to have passed his sleep issues and is sleeping solid 12 hours

Traveling With Your Baby? Do this to keep sleeping well!
by Heidi Holvoet

Baby ready to travel

Proudly presenting … my tried-and-tested strategies for traveling with your baby AND keep sleeping well along the way. They’ll also help you keep up with the sleep work – nap schedule, self-soothing practice, sleeping through the night etc. – you started back home.

So, I know traveling may seem pretty daunting right now.