Dad-specific tools to help your baby sleep better

Author Name: Heidi Holvoet, PhD

Is this you?

You've been struggling to get your baby, and the whole family to sleep better. Or even to sleep a few decent stretches at night.

You may or may not be on the same page as your partner about HOW to get there: is it OK to go the gentle way? Should we do cry it out (even though at least one of you feels horrified by it)?

As a dad you may feel helpless sometimes when it comes to helping your baby sleep (and trust me, most dads And moms feel like that at some point).

Or worse, made to feel useless because "you can't breastfeed" or "you need your sleep". Or "I can do this myself!".

I personally cringe just writing this but it's the kind of thing that sneaks its way in innocently, and usually with the very best of intentions on both sides.

But before you both realize it, you're missing out on the incredible power you, as a dad specifically, have to help your baby sleep .

And then maybe ... you also feel left out because none of the baby care helpers, counselors, coaches ... seem to address you. It's all about mom ... Well, no more, not here ...

If this is you, and you really want to help your baby sleep better I want to invite you to my exclusive Dad & Baby Sleep Training. It's a 3-day email course (1 email a day) and it's free for you to sign up, right below.

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