Mission Statement

Our mission statement = our solemn and heartfelt promise to you:

Baby sleep advice Mission Statement

We help parents help their baby sleep.
We support families to understand their babies better.

Respect is at the heart of every conversation we have, every technique we develop, every tool we provide, every suggestion of advice we share, every word of support we give.

We support moms and dads and other carers with kindness . We offer a safe space that is unbiased and open-minded, 100% non-judging and 100% non-guilt-inducing . We embrace equality, diversity and inclusion.

Sleeping well is a skill to be learned , comparable to learning to walk and learning to talk. Out of respect for the baby's needs and abilities, we aim for positive-progressive long-term progress, doused in love, patience and intuition. This includes building a strong bond between baby and their carers.

We stand on the bridge between reassurance about what are natural and normal behaviors and sleep patterns and what a parent and their baby need to function in daily life.

We use science and personal and professional experience to offer reliable, practical and effective baby care and truly no-tears baby sleep tools & techniques.

Our sleep tools & techniques are gentle yet determined, progressive and effective, and realistic as well as honoring intuitive and instinctive parenting and thus are in sync with and protect the baby’s optimal brain development.

Ultimately, we strive for each parent - in spite of the rough times the early years and sleep deprivation can bring - to experience joy and love and connection with their baby .

Signed, with love and respect :

Heidi Holvoet, Inge Marks, Stephanie Sanders, Tessa Marks, Celia Ponzo, Jenny Hellyer