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Award-winning 3-step guide for restful and well-timed naps

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Imagine sitting back and relaxing on the couch ...

... a daily predictable moment for yourself or to share with your partner or older children ...

Your baby naps happily in her room ... and then wakes up refreshed, content for the rest of the day and ready for a good night.

That is what good naps do.

Nap in a Snap - A Step by Step Guide to Help Your Baby and Toddler Nap well

"Nap in a Snap" aka No Tears Naps is your award-winning step-by-step guide to set up the nap routine that fits YOUR baby or toddler.

And then it goes on to help your baby actually sleep those naps well.


Hi, I'm sleep consultant Heidi Holvoet, author of this site and several baby & toddler sleep books.

In my 15+ years of research and sleep counseling, I experience every single day how important naps are. For baby & toddler's sleep and health and for your own well-being as a parent.

No one should be struggling with naps - "Nap in a Snap" aka No Tears Naps gives you all the tools to help your child nap well.

Is "Nap in a Snap" for you?

Yes if your baby doesn't nap enough and therefore is cranky or fussy most of the day.
If your baby takes short 30 or 45 minute naps only.
If your toddler suddenly refuses to nap.
If your baby sleeps too much during the day and too little at night.
If your child goes down for the night easily but not for naps.
If settling for sleep or self soothing is a struggle for your baby or toddler.
If you have the feeling your child is on edge from sleeping too little.
If your baby sleeps poorly at night - doesn't sleep through the night.
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"I love this program. It's what the title says and yet it's comprehensive and very applicable.

Getting your baby to nap well during the day is SO important for night time sleep. And bad sleeping habits don't take long to develop.

When I read this program I became more aware of my baby's sleep cycle, his sleepy signs and tired behavior and with this new understanding I was able to focus my energy on building new helpful sleep routines for my baby, instead of just feeling frustrated."

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Easy steps to good naps

Finding the best-fit nap routine (how often and how long to nap) for your baby/toddler comes first. There is no one-fits-all nap solution. What counts is the right routine for your child.

The 3 Steps to Nap in a Snap help you find exactly that nap routine. A routine can be timed, follow a simple pattern or follow baby's lead. Each step is easy to do with detailed how-to's.

Next comes settling well for naps and solving any arising nap problem.

That is why your "Nap in a Snap" guide offers:

  • The 3 Steps to Nap in a Snap: find and install the right nap routine
  • Settling for naps: how to help baby/toddler settle well for naps
  • The Nap Tips List: a long list of must-know tips, including how-to's for self soothing and skipping a nap
  • Problem solving: the 5 most common nap problems solved + Bonus "SOS Naps - Q&A" (20 more nap questions answered in detail! see below)

Get started preparing that couch-time for yourself...

Your baby happy all day, sleeping well at night ... it may seem like a dream but you can make it happen.

It's all in this one handy guide (35 pages): learn what's best for your baby or toddler and help her nap well consistently. I promise.

For your ease of mind, and because we are all different, the program comes with a refund guarantee, if you don't find it helpful you get a 100% refund.

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More time for yourself + more fun time with your content and healthy baby thanks to the easy-to-do nap techniques and proven problem solving.

Download the program

PDF document - instantly read on any device

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Free Bonus

Along with your "Nap in a Snap" guide, you receive "SOS Naps" for free.

"SOS Naps" is the compilation of 20 Nap Questions and their answers. Real-life nap situations to which I reply with my personalized advice.

A few examples:

  • My 9 week old baby only has three 20 minutes naps all day
  • Why does my baby wake up every hour?
  • Baby nap scheduling with baby carrier question
  • My 9 month old baby won't nap unless he's being held
  • 19 month old toddler suddenly not napping
  • My six month old baby will not nap! Stuck in a vicious cycle...
  • My eight month old has a cold and is napping a lot
  • Ferber method working for my 5 1/2 month old at naps but not at night
  • . . .

Problems? Questions?

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