Find your Free Baby Sling Pattern

Latest update: February 1, 2020

Author Name: Heidi Holvoet, PhD

Once you have a good baby sling pattern, you're all set to make your own baby sling.

Below is an overview of reviewed online resources that offer free, quality sling patterns. Most also include full instructions, drawings and pictures. Some also have recommendations regarding fabric, rings, ... I'm personally amazed by the wonderful slings these ladies make!

Please always use your own judgment with each pattern to decide whether it will provide you with a baby sling that is safe and suitable for you and your baby. Do not ignore size and age recommendations. Check the different types of baby slings to help you choose.

The patterns below are usually provided by moms who have the goodness to share their knowledge and offer free help. Therefore please do give them appropriate credit and check their copyright notices should you decide to forward their pattern in any way.

Reviewed Baby Sling Pattern Resources

ABC Mei Tai on the run photo courtesy by clairity

Jan Andrea's Baby Crafts: Jan Andrea's own sling designs are best found on pinterest.

Beth's Mei Tai (click the 'baby sling' category to find the right page): Beth's Mei Tai (BMT) page explains how to make an Asian Back Carrier aka Mei Tai. the design is for babies of 6 months and older. Has full instructions, pictures, drawings and material recommendations.

A really excellent tutorial for a reversible fitted pouch sling used to be available on the Justmommies forums but it seems to have disappeared recently. Hopefully you'll find it by doing a manual search!!

Also check out this this lovely sling by Sarah at Dollies and Dreams.

--- No longer online --- Stace's Pouch Sling: Hopefully we will soon have access to this interesting site again, explaining how to make a simple pouch sling, complete with diagrams, fabric recommendations, wearing instructions and FAQ!

--- No longer online --- Emma's Asian Back Carrier: Sadly no longer online, Emma's article had beautiful pictures and clear instructions on how to make an Asian Back Carrier, and how to use it.

--- No longer online --- Sling Me Mommy: The Sling Me Mommy (SMM), the carrier designed with a preemie in mind, is perfect for kangaroo care for a premature baby. But you can keep using it well beyond those early preemie weeks.

Your baby carrier or sling pattern here? Contact me to suggest your link!