3 Steps to make your own white noise maker - for Free

Latest update: September 12, 2018

Author Name: Heidi Holvoet, PhD

Creating your own white noise maker is easy: download a free white noise sample here, put it on your phone, tablet or any music playing device and then play it for your baby.

Simple mp3 player

Once you find out which noise works well for her and when to play it: you're good to go!

Many (!) babies are easily soothed with a boring, constant background noise - or with a gentle nature sound. That's why white noise machines offer such a good sleep aid and relief from baby colic.

Those real white noise machines are good and not too expensive. But if you want to avoid buying a genuine white noise machine - or try out the effect on your baby first - you can easily make your own thanks to the free white noise download below.

Be sure to try the different sounds, as well as some of your own preferred music, lullabies, classical music pieces, etc. whichever you have handy.

Step 1. Choose your preferred white noise mp3

True white noise sounds like this:

Right-click to download white noise mp3

You may not find this too pleasant to listen to. But remember that the whole purpose is mainly to block out other - really disturbing, hard - noises. Which can improve settling and staying asleep.

A different but classic white noise-like sound is that of a hair dryer:

Right-click and download hair dryer mp3

Alternatively, look for your (baby's) own personal soothing sound: a special song, downloaded or sung by you, gentle classical music, a soft lullaby, ...

Step 2. Put the music file on your phone, tablet or other device

Once you downloaded the music file (mp3 format), or have chosen the music of your choice, copy it onto your phone, device or in any case sync it with the app you're using to play music.

Step 3. Play it to your baby

Whenever your baby is fussy and difficult to soothe - or when she goes down to sleep: play (and loop) your chosen sound on your white noise maker. Experiment with how long you need to keep playing it.

That may be for just 5-10 minutes. Or you may need to keep it switched on for the night. If possible, use a timer or fader function, to switch off the noise/music once baby sleeps. Or leave it on if switching off wakes her ...

Make sure the volume level is not too loud, but loud enough to block out the surrounding noise.

Remember that what may sound not too loud to you during the day, may be very loud in the middle of the night, when all is quiet outside (of her room).