Join over 1 million loving parents yearly
Explore your truly gentle baby sleep solution here

Reviewed for medical accuracy by pediatrician Dr Leah Alexander, M.D., F.A.A.P.

Join over 1 million loving parents yearly

Explore your truly gentle baby sleep solution here

Reviewed for medical accuracy by pediatrician Dr Leah Alexander, M.D., F.A.A.P.

Rosie babies Amelie and Mario

Heidi's warm, compassionate, thoughtful and highly experienced baby sleep help and advice enabled our twin's sleep to improve dramatically and within a few weeks time frame. We had evenings again! They didn't have 45 minute naps anymore! There was no crying!

Rosie J., mother of Amelie and Mario

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about Heidi Holvoet

Hi and Welcome to!

I'm Heidi Holvoet, Phd - more about me - and this baby sleep site is the hub from where I share all my advice, sleep plans and techniques that I know can help you and your little loved ones sleep more, and better.

I'm very happy with these techniques because they've allowed me for over 14 years now to help thousands of parents worldwide and their babies sleep in this crucial time in their lives.

We do this together through free resources, DIY and group baby sleep programs and 1:1 sleep consultations with me.

Don't just take my word for it - we all have to be sceptical as parents and do our research! - but have a browse through the parent testimonials.

As a baby & toddler sleep consultant I'm passionate about helping you discover exactly what your baby needs right now and to show you gentle ways - no tears, no crying it out, ever (not the hidden kind either!) - that make it doable for you and your baby to see real results.

Meet the Dream Team 💛

about Heidi Holvoet

Since November 2020, these three a-mazing ladies 😍 and amazing baby sleep experts join me in helping you and your babies sleep: Stephanie, Tessa, and Inge.

As a first introduction: discover their beautiful and helpful blog posts and read their About the Dream Team' introductions. You'll learn more about each of them and their extra-ordinary backgrounds they bring to the table. We'd love it if you give them a warm welcome in the comments to their blogs because that'll mean a lot to all of us! x

Dr Leah Alexander, M.D., F.A.A.P., has joined me in 2018 to review all articles for medical accuracy, in particular content that directly impacts your baby's health and safety.

The entire website is filled to the brim with articles on every single sleep topic that matters, as well as free downloads, complete and supported DIY programs and books and also access to 1-to-1 support from me to help you out. You can read all about me on the about me page.

And finally, remember I have a super easy-going open-door policy: never hesitate to contact me if you need any baby sleep help! My inbox gets a little crowded at times so bear with me but I always reply to every single message as soon as humanly possible!

Also, go here to find out more about our beautifully supportive online community, named Rested! of moms with very similar experiences and a shared desire to help their baby sleep without having them cry.

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"I don't sleep until your baby does" - Heidi

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How can I help?

Can't easily find what you need? Tell me a little bit about what's happening sleep wise with your baby or toddler, and I'll get back to you, personally.

Just email me.

I reply to every message, and as soon as humanly possible, but because I receive a lot of messages, please bear with me until I get to yours! If you've e-mailed me and not received a response within couple of days, remember to check your spam folder.

Requests for a 1:1 consult automatically get priority email status so mention that if you'd like more info on getting my 1:1 dedicated guidance as we help your little one sleep better.


Solving your baby sleep issues ... gently and effectively

Helping your baby sleep through the night, self soothe and nap well consistently is important. For your baby and you right now, but also for optimal health in the future. As a sleep consultant, I have helped hundreds of families achieve these crucial skills and through this website, I want to help you do the same.

From newborn sleeping tips, tiny and bigger baby all the way to toddler advice: info, downloads and 1-to-1 online counseling by a professional sleep expert, it is here for you.

You'll find down-to-earth baby sleep help, not just the classic "put your baby down awake" but strategies that work, also in the long run.

The techniques I've developed are positive progressive which means they are gentle for baby and you yet highly effective.

This approach ensures that the skills are ingrained naturally in baby's brain. That results in long term effects: sleeping skills that last a life-time.

Because not only is everyone happier with a baby sleeping a lot ...

... the benefits of sleep are also extremely important for optimal baby development.

A baby with bad sleeping routines not only risks sleep disorders or disturbances now, as an older child or as an adult. She will also have increased chances to develop child obesity and emotional difficulties like depression and anxiety. Researchers insist on the importance of teaching babies to regulate their own sleep as soon as possible and to have them sleep enough.

With the right guidance and advice, you can do it the gentle way. And your child will grow up to be a confident healthy person who loves sleep.

Let's get started today, together!

With love and dedication,