10 week old baby will not sleep!

by Dianne
(Orbost Vic Australia)

Qestion: My son has had so many problems health wise from birth, we are slowly getting those sorted. The problem is he gets himself overtired. During the day, he has a bottle, burp, nappy change, play, shows tired signs, give him a rock to start drifting of, put him down with his dummy, he falls asleep, dummy falls out he wakes up!

This can go on for 3 hours or until his next feed. yesterday he did this all day! with only 2 hours sleep. I'm so worn out and tired, please help.

Heidi's Answer: Dear Dianne, I am sorry to hear your son has been having health problems since birth. But it's good to hear that your getting them sorted now.

Here's a couple of things you can try to help with his sleeping during the day:

- Have you tried using a different type/brand of dummy? Some parents find some brands tend to stay in better than others. That is an easy test to do.

- Or on the contrary, and better, have you tried rocking him to sleep without the dummy? It may take a bit longer but could avoid the 'shock' when he loses it. It may take a bit more effort and a couple of days patience before you get him to sleep without the dummy easily, but may be well worth it!

- Important: start putting him to sleep a bit earlier than you do now. So before the clear tired signs you see. He may show them quite late, leaving him overtired quickly, and before you get him to sleep. You might want to time his play time to help you be ahead of the tired signs.

- When you rock him to sleep, hold him a bit longer. A couple of times, you may even wait until he's in a deep sleep (about 30 minutes) and see if that helps him sleep for longer. If this works, keep it up for now. Then gradually wean from it with the self soothing method in a couple of weeks.

- Carry him in a baby sling. You will get him to sleep more and keep your own hands free. You can stay at home or go out for a refreshing walk. This will help you relax and recharge your batteries a bit too. Do this at regular times, maybe choose one or two fixed nap times for this.

- Of course a regular sleep schedule and a simple bedtime routine remain important.

Good luck, take care,

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