3 month old baby sleeps through the night only if he goes to bed late

by Kathy

Question: Hi, great site! I'm wondering what to do with my 3 month old's bedtime. If he goes to bed between 9.30-10.30, after spending the evening tanking up, he sleeps until 5ish and then 8.30.

But when I've tried moving his bedtime earlier he wakes much more frequently.

We tried 7 and he woke after 30 mins, then slept again at 8.30-12-3-5 and then was restless until 7.

Should I just accept that if I want a good nights sleep then we can't have our evenings back yet?
Thanks for any advice

Heidi's Question: Hi Kathy, These are really good nights for a 3 month old! Tanking up in the evening and then going down for a supernight from 10pm till 5am ...

I know, it can still be tiring and you would love to have the evenings to yourselves. But yes I do think at this time that is the price you have to pay to get good nights ... and I think you will also find it worth it.

Also, make these evenings as pleasant as possible. Grab a drink and a snack, snuggle up comfortably and enjoy this precious time with your son. I can testify these times pass way too quickly and before you know it they're off for sleep overs and a quick hug is all you get, if any ... :)

And don't worry, it will change. In the next weeks, or maybe a month or two, the change might already be there. You will probably notice less necessity to tank up (typically after the '4 month dip') that long and he will easily go to sleep earlier.

Or at any time in the future if you feel the nights are getting worse, experimenting with a slightly/gradually earlier bedtime can help. I also describe this, and more tips and techniques in No-Tears Sleeping Through the Night.

Good luck,

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