I think my baby has sleep apnea

by Amber

Question: My baby boy is 6 weeks old and sleep apnea runs in his fathers side of the family including his father. my baby sleeps for 3 to 6 hour intervals however when he does sleep he sweats alot of the time, he will half wake n wave his arms around wildy while making sounds as if he is inhaling but not exhaling then will go back to sleep.

He looks exhausted during the day although he doesn't really nap and if he naps at all if for about 15 mins give or take a few mins. He does snore. the peds dr at the hospital when he was born told me babies dont have sleep apnea until later in life should i be looking for another dr to test my baby for this?

Heidi's Answer: Hi Amber,

Just a quick note because yes I do think you should go and see a pediatrician who will do a serious check up of your son and give you a diagnosis.

It is good of you to take action and follow your instincts in this.

No need to panic, what you see in your son can definitely still be normal and harmless but both for your son's health and your own peace of mind it is important to have the check up. Also given your husband's family history.

It is true that young babies usually have a different form of sleep apnea than older children and adults, but they can have it. To start, have a look at the sleep apnea in infants page.

Good luck, let me know,
take care,

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