Jaygee Babysooth soothing music helps my baby transition from play to sleep

by Eva

Once my daughter started to be more awake, I noticed she found it difficult to make the transition from 'play' to sleep. I did all the calming things recommended (clear routine, calm activity before nap time, etc), but this was not enough! I started looking for something that could help her calm down.

On several forums I read about white noise, but found the idea of having to stand there with a hairdryer next to crib was not very appealing!

I found this research paper on internet about infant sleep and they mentioned this Jaygee Babysooth tape that was found to help babies sleep. So I had a look and thought I'd give it a try.

It's not magic, and it doesn't make her fall asleep (according to the website is does for about 91% of childen) but it does really calm her down in minutes (sometimes even seconds!) especially when she is overtired. It makes falling asleep a lot easier for her!

The 'pink noise' is indeed noise and sounds a bit like roadworks and it's not particularly pleasant to listen to, but it works for my daughter! There are some weird sounds in there and initially it startled my daughter, but she got used to it very quickly. At first, I had to put it very loud, but I have been able to reduce the volume with the same effect.

Please be aware that the noise needs to be introduced to your baby before he/she is 10 weeks old in order to have any effect. Also, when you buy the MP3 version from their website rather than the CD, the link sent to you is only active for 24 hours and it needs to be burnt on a CD as it won't allow you to save it on your computer!

It's not expensive, so it won't hurt to try!

I would highly recommend this product!

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