Moby Wrap Sling Heaven!

by Beth Isaacson

I registered for a Moby wrap before my daughter was born and looked forward to using it. However, it wasn't until she about 12 weeks old that I had the courage to try the wrap - the learning curve can seem intimidating at first! Fortunately, my annoyance with the pressure points created by the straps on our hand-me-down Baby Bjorn outweighed my nerves. Now I use the Moby all day. Every day.

The fabric - a soft, durable cotton - distributes baby's weight evenly and comfortably over your torso and wipes off nicely, enabling you to get another day's use before washing out of a wrap that gets spit up on. I decided to get a second wrap carrier so I'd have one to wash and one to use. After looking at the other comprable wraps, I bought another Moby; its price, color, and fabric options mean there's a Moby out there for everyone.

Moby's website illustrates several hold variations. If you're unsure like I was about learning to use a wrap-style carrier, start with the Kangaroo Wrap: pulling the fabric tight around your baby will allow you to understand what a secure, comfortable hold feels like. Once you and the baby are more familiar with the wrap experience, you can move on to other holds which require you to tie the wrap before putting baby in.

Wrap carriers like the Moby have the distinct advantage of truly conforming to you and your baby, both as the fabric wraps around you and in the various holds you can use at different development stages. We've used the Moby for naps everyday for weeks - I think we both enjoy the closeness and snuggling it offers. I've also developed a sense for when she's about to fall asleep because of wearing her, while she's been able to take in her environment from a secure, familiar location as we go through our days. I look forward to using the Lotus and Hip holds once my girl's neck is stronger. I know she'll love to see even more of the world around her from such a cozy vantage point. I recommend the Moby Wrap wholeheartedly.

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