My 10 month old baby screams for hours in her sleep?

by Kyle-Ann
(Dallas, PA)

Question: What could this be? She is not awake, so I don't believe it is a sleep/night terror

Heidi's Answer: Hi Kyle-Ann, During a night terror a child is actually not really awake so her not being awake does not rule out a night terror. On the other hand, night terrors do not last for hours on end.

Can you describe what happens in a bit more detail please (just post a comment below):

When does the screaming start (ie how long after going to sleep)? Describe the screaming. Does she wake completely at the end of the screaming, or goes back to sleep normally? How does she sleep at naps during the day?

Any further info you can also provide will help me get a better idea of what is going on.


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My 10 month old screams in his sleep
by: Anonymous 1

Recently he started to fight going to sleep - nap and bedtime - literally fight slap, kicks his legs, pinches me so hard I have bruises... I'm not sure if he's just extremely overtired, teething, night terrors but onces he does go to sleep, about a halfhour or hour later has been waking up screaming like lose his breath break out on hives screeching. This is not everytime he sleeps but in addition to rhe screams he started waking at about 1am, 3am, and 5am fussing/making noise/ or crying. I saw this post but there were no subsequent posts or comments. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

by: Heidi - BabySleepAdvice

Dear Anonymous 1,

From what you write (a combination of) over-tiredness and night terrors sounds very plausible.

In a first step try to adjust your son's sleep times so as to avoid any over-tiredness (bedtime from the very first sleepy signs).

Also see this post for more extended advice, comments and references:

Good luck,

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