My 12,5 months old baby only sleeping breastfed

by Dania

Question: Hello. I have a child of 12,5 months old. He can only fall asleep nursing. At midnight he wakes up 1 or 2 times and only gets to sleep breastfeeding. If you do not breastfeed the crying a lot and I feel that fight with me. I would like to take this habit, I think that would help you sleep better at night.

I have a nap schedule, which also falls asleep nursing, and a sleep routine but I think that habit is the problem. I can do? I need your help, unable to sleep through the night is still very tiring.

Thank you for your help.


Heidi's Answer: Dear Dania, Yes not being able to sleep is definitely tiring, I know it is tough on you. But hang in there, with a bit of patience you will be able to wean from nursing to sleep.

To do this, the "gentle unlatch technique" works really well. I have just described it in full detail to a mom with a very similar situation with her baby here:

How to get my 10 month old baby to sleep

You will find all the info there, let me know (just post a comment below) if something is not clear.

Good luck,
take care,

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