My 14 months old Daughter just sleeps from 11to 4

by Prasad

Question: My baby is 14 months old and she is not having consistent sleep. One day she sleeps well and the other day she hardly sleeps. She woke up at 4 in the morning and then for every hour. Why could this be?

Heidi’s Answer: Hi Prasad,

Without further details from you it is not easy to find out what can be happening to your daughter. It can be a simple thing like a chilly night or light or noise near her room that is worse on some nights. Or her being more sensitive to them on some nights. If it has started recently it may be an illness on its way, teething, …

If it is not already the case, a regular schedule for both day and night activities and sleep is very important to get consistent sleep. Also, if you hadn’t yet, you may want to check my free ebook Baby Sleep Essentials to ensure you have all the basics for good sleep in place.

To find out more, keeping a sleep log for a while will help too: write down when she goes to sleep and when she wakes but also what she eats, activities and anything like noise, light, … that may influence her sleep. This can be amazingly instructive to help us nail down the reason for her sleep patterns.

Good luck and let me know,

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