My 9 month old baby won't sleep without me holding him

by Lynn

Question: My baby son is 9 months old and I have to hold him and rock him to sleep, it's very draining what can I do? Lynn
Heidi's Answer: Hi Lynn, First of all what a cutie your son is, thanks for the lovely picture!

The most efficient way to wean your son from holding and rocking to sleep is to go gradually. So for now you still hold and rock him to sleep, but you put him down a little earlier little by little.

To help you, you can actually time it, note how long you ususally have to hold him before you can safely put him down. Then reduce that time with a minute for every nap and night time that day.

Next day, put him down another minute earlier.

You do not have to time it of course, you can also go by feel, but use the times if you are unsure about that.

Read full details and more tips on the self soothing page.

Remember to set the right stage for him to be able to self soothe well. That is step 1 to self soothing success. For example, avoid over-tiredness, have a well-fitting sleep schedule and a simple recognizable bedtime routine to start with.

Good luck,

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