My 9 week old baby only has three 20 minutes naps all day

by Crystal

Question: My 9 week old baby is sleeping really well at night, going to sleep around 9pm waking about 3ish and after a feed (bottle fed) going straight back to sleep until 7-8am when we get up and start our day.

However daytime naps are a massive problem. He screams all day as he's so tired but whether i rock him or sit him in his swinging chair or lay him in his cot he will not sleep longer than 20 minutes and usually only has three naps during the day. I know he needs more sleep than this i just dont know how to get him to sleep longer.

Heidi's Answer: Hi Crystal,

Those are great nights you are getting, really something to cherish!

To help extend the naps, try a walk in the sling or stroller (at least an hour) to help keep him asleep at the 20 minute-mark. Once he has gotten used to longer naps on the move, he will also be better at it when in the crib.

Another good idea is to shift the start time of the naps a bit. Try consistently half an hour earlier or later for each nap, that can have a huge effect.

Good luck,

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