My baby is one and a half month old should I use Phenorgon syrup to help him sleep?

by b.varadarajalou
(neyveli tamilnadu india)

Question: My baby is one and a half month and he is not sleeping well. Shall I use Phenorgon syrup? If so what is the dosage?

Heidi's Answer: Hello, using any kind of medication to help a baby sleep is not a good idea.

Giving her the syrup may indeed make her sleep, but he may sleep too deeply. This is dangerous and even life threatening for a baby: he would not be able to wake up in case of breathing problems.

If you think your son does not sleep well because he is ill, it's best to see a doctor for advice. You want to make sure she is absolutely healthy before thinking of improving her sleep.

Otherwise, one and a half month old is still very young and many many babies do not sleep much or for long stretches at this age.

You are most welcome to add a bit more information, just add a comment below.

Describe how he sleeps, when, how long, in a crib/in your bed, does he take regular naps, how does he feed, ... any info related to his sleeping and feeding can help me get a better picture and advise you on what you can do to help him sleep.


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