My bobawrap helped us survive the 4th trimester and beyond

by AK
(Jersey City, NJ USA)

Love my carrier!

Love my carrier!

My bobawrap carrier was truly a life-saver! As soon as my baby was 8lbs and solid enough to be worn in a carrier like this, I started wearing him for his naps. It was the only way he would take long naps.

This also allowed me to bond with him and stay close him, and at the same time allowed me to remain mobile - I could do all my light household chores, eat, walk the dog, go grocery shopping, etc.

For us the bobawrap (like the Boba Wrap Classic Baby Carrier they have at Amazon) has been great as it provided the security my baby needed in his early months outside the womb. To successfully start using the this carrier, it's best to try it out first when baby is not fussy. Remember to keep it tight to keep baby in place; you should be able to kiss your baby's forehead. If baby fusses when you put him in, start bouncing! If it still doesn't settle him down, don't give up... Try again in a few days.


- Great support

- Minimal to no stress on shoulders & back up until 16lbs (I'm petite and weigh about 100lbs)

- No need to clothe baby in layers as the wrap allows mom or dad & baby to share body heat.

- Easy maintenance - just machine wash & tumble dry

- Shareable among multiple caregivers


- Longer learning curve; wrapping requires practice

- Not the most ideal carrier in warm weather as it gets too hot ...


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