My eight month old has a cold and is napping a lot

by Amelia - Answer by Heidi Holvoet, PhD
(Lincoln City, OR)


Hi there,

My eight month old got a cold two days ago and today he has been sleeping for about three hours... should I wake him? He rouses when I touch him, but he seems to be sleeping soundly.

Heidi's Answer:

Dear Amelia,

The cold has probably been tiring him out a bit so he will be catching up by taking extra long naps.

It's good as you do, to check on him frequently though. Then if his nap goes up to 4 hours in a row, yes I would gently wake him. From there, stick to your usual schedule - also if it means for example a shorter play or bath time.

Let me know if it persists even if his cold has passed.


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