My eleven month old baby doesn't want to sleep

by An.

Question: For the last two nights my eleven month old son doesn't want to sleep his not upset & he doesn't cry, he just wants to play & talk & he doesn't really sleep during the day either - what could be wrong & what effects will he have due to the lack of sleep?

Heidi's Answer: Hi, If it's just a couple of days and he doesn't cry and is not upset, don't worry about it.

If it persists, the first thing is to keep providing a regular day and night schedule (even if he doesn't sleep). Have a simple bedtime routine each time he goes down, do not take him out of his room when he wakes at night, keep lights dim at all times and of course do not interact with him more than the absolute necessary (don't go playing and chatting with him).

A shift in his sleep times can work well for some, please see this post with my advice to a similar situation: 1 Year-Old Baby Boy Playing All Night.

If the change in (strict) schedule does not help, an alternative will be to follow your son's lead to find a schedule that suits him ideally.

Good luck, let me know,

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