What is the best way to put my baby down, on the side or on the back?

Question: I've been reading allot about how to put your baby down in his cot allot of websites say on the bac is the best way for babies to sleep.

We have been putting our baby to sleep on his side supported by a specially designed mat under him with two body curved pillows on the side. Is this a good way for him to sleep.

I'm worried that if he is put on his back if he has any spit up he could choke as it won't fall to the side if he's on his back. He is two weeks old and also moves around a lot in his sleep, yawning and stretching, could this indicate that he is uncomfortable sleeping on his side?

Which is safer side sleeping or on his back?

Heidi's Answer: Hi there, on the back is the only recommended sleeping position. So please, remove the placeholder and place your baby on his back to sleep.

For complete safety guidelines, please read about crib safety and baby's safe sleeping position here or on the FSID.org site.

On the side and on the front are considered unsafe as they increase the risk of cot death.

Research has shown that when on the back, babies spit up less to start with and also it does not increase the risk of choking.

If your baby would suffer from newborn acid reflux or spits up very regularly, then it's best to consult your doctor in this matter.

A lot of research has been done worldwide and following campaigns to urge parents to put their babies on the back to sleep, the number of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndromes) cases has dropped a lot.

Reference: International trends in sudden infant death syndrome Hauck RF, Tanabe KO. 2008. Pediatrics 122(3): 660-666

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