My one year old baby moans alot in his sleep.

by Yolandi
(Port Elizabeth )

Question: Hello, my baby boy did sleep well at nights. All the sudden it changed. He doesn't wake up at night, but moans alot. He drink his bottle at 8 o clock and goes to sleep. He will start moaning after sleeping for 5 hours. He is busy teething, we do put Prodol on every time we hear him. What can it be? What can i do? He does that like 5 to 8 times during night, me and my husband work and stand up @ 5. He also sleeps in akward positions.

Please Please help me!!

Heidi's Answer: Dear Elizabeth,

The moaning alone is not necessarily a symptom of something serious. Especially if he sleeps restfully otherwise he is probably fine.

Does the moaning also come with heavy breathing? Does he gasp for breath sometimes during or at the end of a moaning period?

Does he often sweat when sleeping, or do you find him sweating when he wakes up? Sleeping in awkward positions is one typical symptom of sleep apnea. But it can also concur with restless sleeping. Please visit the sleep apnea signs to see if you recognise some of the signs.

And if you do I must advise you to go see your doctor. He can diagnose apnea or something different and advise you to do.

If you are unsure, do not hesitate to send me more details, anything related that you can think of - just post a comment below. I will be happy to look into it further.

Did the moaning start alongside with the teething?There can be a relation.

Do you feel the Prodol is really helping him with the teething? What happens if you don't apply it?

You may some of the simple teething remedies helpful.

Good luck, let me know,

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by: Elizabeth

Hello, we don't give him his dummy after he drinks his bottle, we wait for the first moan in the night. He is breathing fine, we can hear him without a monitor in his room, we are like 10 steps from his room. Yes, he is sweating while sleeping, and during the day when he is awake. He also doesn't like to sleep under a blanket. When he is fast asleep we shall go and close him, but he kicks him open the munite he feel something is over him. This is the position he sleeps: bumps in the air, just for a little while, then he shall either lay on his stomach or his back. Is that fine if he sleeps like that? I did read that part on the internet, some of the signs are there, but not all off them. He did start teething at 7 or 8 months, he sleep fine, just before he turned one it all change. I dont think the moaning start alongside with the teething. Prodol is ok, i didnt try anything else. He still moans if i dont apply.

Please contact me. My husband goes away now and then, then i must cope by myself.

Seems OK but health check advised
by: Heidi

Hi Yolandi,

Thank you for providing more info.

The sleeping position with his bottom in the air sounds absolutely fine by me. I know it looks a bit funny but if it's just that (almost crawling position, right?), it's OK.

With awkward positions we usually mean the body is in unnatural twists and turns that baby would not ever take on during the day.

I wouldn't bother about tucking him in, especially since he kicks it off anyway. It's better if he can cool.

If you worry he cools down too much (after sweating) you could get a light cotton sleeping bag, which he won't be able to kick off, and still keep him covered. But don't take a warm one, or he'll sweat even more.

If room temperature is mild, he'll probably be OK with just light PJs, no covers at all.

Good to hear that his breathing is good, regular, no 20+ second stops and no gasping for breath right?

I really advise you to go see a doctor for an overall check up, tell him about the sweating and the moaning.

Some babies simply sweat a lot and moan in their sleep, with no worrisome cause or problem at all.

But you have to exclude apnea or other issues before relaxing about it.

Good luck, don't hesitate if you have further questions!
Take care,

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