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Join the 2014 Hourly Wakings Study (HoWa2014)

Welcome and thank you for participating in the 2014 Hourly Wakings Study. Your input is of invaluable importance and will help yourself and thousands of parents worldwide reduce unnecessary nightly wakings.

To make the study useful to you right away, I will offer free e-mail counseling to participating parents who currently experience unnecessary wakings with their baby (subject to availability). If you have overcome a period of frequent wakings, sharing your experience is all the more valuable.

To thank all, I will also be giving away $50 Amazon Gift Cards by prize draw.

Get started right away, completing the questionnaire takes less than 5 minutes!

More info about the HoWa2014 study and Frequently Asked Questions below.


The first round of the study is now closed for new entries. A new round may be opened in May. For current help with frequent wakings, visit the hourly wakings section.

About the HoWa2014 study

Your rewards for participating

To parents who are currently experiencing unnecessary frequent awakening I will offer free e-mail counseling (subject to availability). Subject to availability means that I will work with as many parents as is feasible for me - i.e. enough hours in a day. I promise you with all my passion for the subject that that will be a lot.

I will also give away $50 Amazon gift cards among participants.

The goal

The goal of this study is twofold:
  1. Help YOU now with dedicated advice to reduce your baby's frequent awakenings

  2. Increase knowledge and fine-tune techniques to help parents worldwide in the future
Waking up frequently is very normal and in fact absolutely necessary for a very young baby. But once mature enough to make it through 5-10 hours of a night without feeding, most of us expect a child to sleep those hours in one stretch ...

In reality, many if not most babies and toddlers go through one or more periods during which they wake up several times a night, without it being truly necessary.

Need for reassurance, hunger, stuck sleep patterns, habits, and lack of self soothing skills are only some of the possible causes.

By conducting this study I engage myself to not only gather information but closely work together with parents who are currently experiencing such frequent unnecessary wakings, to devise and fine tune gentle yet efficient techniques to overcome such periods of interrupted nights.

Your privacy

I value your privacy and will never share any confidential data you provide along with your name.

By completing the questionnaire you agree for the data you provide to be used by me, Heidi Holvoet, and my co-workers for analysis, development and fine-tuning of gentle sleep techniques.

If you provide personal data like name and e-mail address, none of those will be used for anything but a personal contact by e-mail to provide you with personalized advice, or to award you the $50 Amazon gift card in case you win one of the prize draw giveaways.

Complete the questionnaire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to participate?
All parents and carers looking after a baby or young child. Whether he/she wakes up very frequently or on the contrary sleeps through right now, your input is invaluable to make the study useful.

What will you do with the data that I provide?
I, Heidi Holvoet, will personally analyze all the information that you provide and use that to develop new and finetune existing gentle sleep techniques. Co-workers may assist me with that.

Is my privacy secure?
Absolutely! All information that you provide is confidential. When used in the study, what you shared about your baby's sleep will be disconnected from your name.

How will you use my name and e-mail address?
I will never share your name and e-mail address with anyone. The only times I will use your e-mail address will be to provide the promised sleep advice, free of charge or the Amazon Gift Card.

Do I get a reward for participating?
Yes. You will be able to opt in for receiving personalized sleep advice (subject to availability) based on the info you provide in the questionnaire and for entering the $50 Amazon Gift Card giveaway.

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