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Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night - Basics

Help your baby sleep through the night simply and effectively. Tried and tested basic baby sleep tips to reduce night feedings, have earlier bedtimes and longer nights: a baby sleep schedule, bedtime routine, self soothing, ...

To have your baby sleep through the night might well be your number one wish right now (I know it was mine ...!). 

If you have a newborn baby, or young child, chances are that you suffer from some mild - or possibly not so mild - sleep deprivation effects ...

... so here's the basics to help you and your baby sleep more!

Broken nights seem to be a part of becoming a parent. Most young babies are not able to sleep long stretches yet, and forcing them can be unhealthy.

The good news is that you can maximise baby's sleep and your own sleep with a few simple sleep help ideas. 

No miracle solution required, just common sense in a loving and determined approach.

Sleeping baby face blue and pinkTo help your baby sleeping through the night not just for a few nights, but really, consistently: that is one of the most valuable gifts you can give your child. 

It's an investment towards healthy sleeping habits that will last a lifetime.

As with many things related to kids, it may take some patience, but it's definitely worth it!

Let's have a look at the absolute basics below, sleep tips for longer nights and a thought on how our attitude towards sleep can help our babies sleep through.

Basic baby sleep guidelines

From sleep study and research we know how important regular sleep times and routines are for good sleep. These guidelines are the first step to help your baby sleep through the night:

  • Baby's sleep schedule

  • A sleep schedule is vital for good sleep. Going to bed and getting up at regular or easily recognized times each day is ideal for the human body. Installing a good schedule for your baby makes all the difference.

    Discover what it is, why and how to set up a good baby sleep schedule. You will also find specific advice for sleep schedules for newborn babies, up to four months and from four months up to one year old.

    Good naps are a crucial ingredient of a well-adapted daily routine: the "Nap in a Snap" guide helps you set up that best-fit routine.

  • Baby's bedtime routine

  • A bedtime routine is a set of actions and words you do with and say to your child at each bedtime. By doing this over and over, your baby will recognise that it is time for bed. This helps her to settle and fall asleep easily.

  • Self Soothing
  • For your baby to be able to sleep through the night, self soothing is a crucial skill to have. But it is not easy for most babies to settle themselves to sleep. 

    Discover effective alternatives to put baby down awake advice and crying it out methods.

For the complete set of must-have basics, and the techniques to improve sleeping through in most specific situations, consult my step-by-step No-Tears Sleeping Through the Night guide.

Tips and tricks

How to reduce the number of night feedings?
How to get rid of the dummy?
How to get an early bird to sleep a bit longer?

Check out this useful compilation of sleeping through tips.

Be positive about sleep

OK, I know, you feel tired and want to do something about it. So why bother about something philosophical?

The reason is just that the best sleep comes when we are relaxed, feel secure and know that sleeping is a good thing. And that is just what you need to see your baby sleeping through the night. Read on about very helpful ways to be positive about sleep:
  • "Sleeping is fun"

  • Simple advice to make your baby feel good about sleep.

  • Relax ...

  • Being relaxed yourself has the best effects on your baby's sleep, and on your own sleep.

You know, to have your baby sleeping through the night is not something that happens ... ehm, overnight. But with the three steps discussed here, you are off to the best start.

Most babies start sleeping through during their first year. Some during their first weeks and some when they are four years old ... (sorry! I don't want to scare you, just to show how different kids can be and that extremes are still quite common).

I know how impossible it seems sometimes. How desperate you can feel after yet another broken night. But hang in there! Stick to the basics and you will have better sleep through nights.