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Free Baby Book

Baby Sleep Essentials

This mini-guide covers the 9 keys of good sleep. It's a handy checklist of must-do's for a successful approach to help your little one sleep well.

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Reward chart

Printable Sticker Reward Chart

Simple and efficient: this printable reward chart covers 1 full month at a time. That gives you and your toddler a good overview. Each day has ample space to fit in a nice sticker or cute drawing.

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Self soothing cover

No-Tears Self Soothing - by Heidi Holvoet

With the 3-step program in this practical guide, helping your baby self soothe to sleep becomes quite doable.

Without the need for crying it out, the progressive techniques improve your baby or toddler's settling skills at bedtime ... and help reduce unnecessary night awakenings.

More info.

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$ 9.95 - Direct download to your computer or mobile device

No-Tears Sleeping Through the Night - by Heidi Holvoet

Sleeping through cover

3 steps to improve your nights: get the critical (as in no sleep without these) basics right, learn why your baby or toddler wakes up and apply the proven no-tears techniques.

These will help reduce night awakenings, improve self soothing, wean from night feeds, adjust stuck sleep patterns and avoid early morning rises.

More info.

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$ 9.95 - Direct download to your computer or mobile device

Sleepy Signs Journal

Baby settles and sleeps best when put down at the right times - right meaning seamlessly fitting for your baby - at this age and maturity level - and aligned with her personality and your family situation.Sleepy Signs Journal Template

Keeping a journal helps but jotting down sleep and wake times is not enough.

To really understand baby's needs, you need to link her sleep and wake times to her behavior: the sleepy signs. The Sleepy Signs Journal template helps you do exactly that.

How? Download below, print and start writing down: sleep and wake times along with how she behaved and how awake or tired she was. Learn to connect these findings and you will reveal your little one's ideal nap and night time bedtimes.

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MP3 player

White Noise Sound Files

Simple sound samples in mp3 format for you to use in your own home-made white noise maker.

More info on how to use white noise to help your baby sleep here.

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Nap in a Snap app icon

Mobile App: Nap in a Snap

With the clever Sleepy Signs Log and Graph, the Nap in a Snap App helps you discover your baby's best-fitting nap schedule.

Android devices only.

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