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Are you carrying baby in this safe pain-free way? Hug-A-Bub

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Comfortable, safe and stylish: the Hug A Bub sling is easy to wrap and lets you enjoy baby close to you, without feeling the weight ...

With a Hug-a-Bub baby sling:

Hug a Bub child's play Photo courtesy by Hug a Bub Australia

  • Baby is secure and safe: the uniquely clever stretchy fabric supports baby in a safe position that promotes healthy vertebrae development. Even preemies from day 1 ...
  • Your back stays free of pain and strain thanks to the highly supportive wrap technique and the strong natural cloth fiber.
  • You don't spend money in vain by trying 3 or 4 low-quality slings that kill your back or damage baby's spine. This quality sling lasts from day 1and well into toddler hood (2-3 years old). It's the only one you'll need.
  • Your baby is content and sleeps well because she's all snug, comfy and close to you, in a position that suits her age and personality. It's ideal to help set a regular sleep schedule.
  • Yummy mummy style: the trendy colors and prints are a plus to your outfit - it's a sling that turns heads!
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Which one is your favorite Hug a Bub?

There are two types of Hug A Bub wrap slings to choose from here: the Organic Hugabub the Pocketless.

The Organic one is made out of gorgeous organic material - certified organic cotton. It has all the sturdiness and stretchy qualities  that make Hug-a-Bub so unique for your carrying comfort. It has a built-in "pocket" which is really handy (and I speak from experience ... "o now where did I put that again ..." ;) ) to put in a small soft toy, baby's hat, ... while on the go. And it serves as a built-in stow away bag for the sling.

The Pocketless is made of equally high-quality fabric - just not organic - and does not have the pocket.

There are 2 different sizes: choose Huggable size unless you usually wear xxl clothing. In that case, choose Very Huggable.

If you and your partner both plan on wearing it, and one of you is huggable, the other very huggable: go for huggable (and then simply wrap one less round when tying).

Placing your order is easy

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Order procedure:

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The Pocketless

Made of strong natural fabric in a single color, without pocket.

Hug A Bub

Hug A Bub

Byron Bay Blue

The Organic

Made of a softer and slightly thicker, certified Organic cotton, with pocket.

Hug A Bub

Black / Black
Hug A Bub

Raspberry / Raspberry
Hug A Bub

Pistachio / Pistachio
Hug A Bub

Chocolate / Nougat

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Your sling comes nicely wrapped, with clear step-by-step instructions, including a DVD showing you how the wrapping technique for these different positions:

Hug A Bub Heart To HeartHeart To Heart: my personal favorite: your baby faces you, head securely tucked into the wrap. This is a dream position for kangaroo care and soothing an upset baby. And of course it is thE top position to help her sleep. (up to 18 months)

Hug A Bub Peapod Position
: baby lies horizontally: use this position for sleeping preemies and up to 4 month olds and if you like to breastfeed hands-free.

Hug A Bub on The Go Position
On The Go
: from about 4 to 6 months onwards, babies love this position. They can explore all around them, from a very secure spot with a view ...

Hug A Bub Koala CuddleKoala Cuddle
: this is a 'bigger baby' version of the Heart To Heart position. Here, your child has his upper body free. It's good for bigger babies (up to 3 year olds). Very handy feature: when they fall asleep, you can still tuck their head back in.

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Hug-A-Bub Testimonials

"I am thrilled with your carrier and also purchased one as a gift for my sister-in-law and her 4 month old son. He is her 3rd child and she has tried all the carriers on the market and has yet to find one that is comfortable. As I mentioned to you in an earlier email, your website is so wonderful and I will be singing your praises to all the Mommies and Mommies-to-be that I know!
Warm regards,
Kristin Gillies-Bodt – New York"


"... I just had to say a big thank you and let you know it's only been day 1 and Josh is fast asleep in his hug-a-bub as we speak!! Today I have managed to get washing, dishes, and even a walk in - while still cuddling my baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish I had of found you guys 2 months ago!!!!!!!”
Sherryn & Joshua"


"I've got it on right now for the first time and Kealan actually isn't crying tonight! It feels really great- I bet we'll see lots of these poppin up all over Canada someday soon. Thanks!
Angie Hanley - British Columbia Canada"


"The Hug-a-Bub is so comfortable and easy to use. Other carriers just don't match up, they start to tear into your shoulders within 30 minutes and although they are very convenient for in-and-out situations lasting less than 20 minutes, long term they just don’t do the job. The Hug-a-Bub has so many uses and I have many positive comments from by passers! Nathan loved it too!!"
Karina Oerum – Golf Champion"